Gateway to the Stars and the Grand Deception

Inspired by Graham Hancock on Jimmy Church    Oct. 7, 2014

One of the biggest lies we have been told and indoctrinated into and I think, the most heinous of all in western society, is that our consciousness does not extend beyond our heads and that what we see and perceive is all that is and that all else is just your imagination or daydreams or mental illness.

For centuries people were secluded, put away, hung, burned at the stake, ostracized for letting it be known that this door way was open in them. It drove some crazy, it drove some to suicide, fearing their own minds. In modern times it has resulted in medication and incarceration in mental institutes. It has caused the use of drugs to self-medicate and shush that part of themselves leading to abuse and confusion.

Step back and look at the pattern. It is obvious to me that this ultra-awareness is hard-wired into our DNA. We are all born this way and from birth we begin a never ending indoctrination culturally to learn to shut it off and shut it down. For those that escape the training there is very little help out there, no pathway through the confusing maze of the bigger part of our conscious beingness.

Until the 60’s. Until Timothy O’Leary, Carlos Castaneda, John Mack, Terrence McKenna, Graham Hancock and all of the intrepid pioneers of the last 50 years started to research, lend credence and educate us that it was not ‘wrong’. It is also instructive to look at the world-wide systems for spiritual development that have been around for centuries in the east. Did they work? Did they educate? In my opinion only half way.

You see, the one thing that I have noticed about this subject is that everyone wants CONTROL of it and thereby, your consciousness. But it is your consciousness, not theirs. They want you to think that it takes a life time of practice and discipline and that then you just might be able to enter into your own head and see what’s really there, while using their paradigm that they have trained you well to use to quantify in their terms what you perceive and what you do with it!!!!

So, that said, could it actually be possible for us to just;


Whoa! Step through that doorway into the universe without someone else’s approval or control???? Under your own power, and sovereignty? (autonomy, independence, self-rule, self-determination, freedom)

It’s the biggest lie we have been told that we have no freedom in our own heads. But, My Gods, (!!!) what would happen if we all realized that we can and in the last hurrah are meant to be there? That the last frontier is not out there, but in here, inside and that by knowing this we are set free into the universe at large? Consciousness IS the unified field we’ve all been looking for.


There would be no stopping us. Brave new explorers on the edge of forever.

I rest my case.

From a post on Grant Cameron’s Face Book today


5 thoughts on “Gateway to the Stars and the Grand Deception”

  1. BRAVO! BRAVA ALISON! I’m actually giving you a standing ovation and clapping!

    What a brilliant and poignant about the true purpose and exploration of not only our minds, but our consciousness.

    Closing is with “Consciousness IS the unified field we’ve all been looking for.” just blew me away. I think you have hit the nail on the head here.

    Excellent post!


    1. Thank you… I’m always calling in and asking the Guest du Jour my favorite question, kind of polling every one; the ‘consciousness is the unified field’ and what do you think question… I know its old, but I’m gonna repeat it till I drop because I have an inkling that its right . Thank you Method, for liking my article and all that you do on this site. It’s all so brilliant. 🙂


  2. In a world of distraction and manipulation it is the aware who appear odd. Alison you have clarity and focus a rare gift in a world so completely designed to suppress such off the reservation thought. Couple that with the courage and creativity to assemble such a beautifully crafted essay and I would say you are on the right track and leading others there as well. I salute you, and admire your gifted writings. Thank you.


    1. WOW! I’m blown away. Thank you so much for the praise. I wanted to let every one know that it’s simpler thank you think. Grin, I’m much better in print, than in spoken word, don’t you think? I Gobekli Tepe’d too many times last night… and even if I hadn’t the words get stuck between my brain and my mouth some how…lol


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