Kerry Cassidy Lecture at the Bases Conference 2014: Laying it all on the Table


Kerry Cassidy, one of my favorite information sources, and somebody who led me so far down the rabbit-hole I though I’d never get out (and really I didn’t) has some very interesting information to relate in this video. She puts some puzzle pieces together here and it is really worth the watch!


From You Tube:

Published on Sep 15, 2014

Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy delivers the final lecture at the Bases Project’s 1st International conference at the prestigious Marlborough College, Wiltshire.
She gives an overview of the project and the whistle-blowers and their message. Camelot focuses on Video testimony in a citizen journalism genre.
This is final lecture of the 3 day event, the 1st in a series, which has its Film Festival in Devizes in Dec 6th. see website for details



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