A Reaction to Thomas Reed and his Story from 10/20/14

I feel a deep empathy for Thomas Reed and his family. The issue of whether you are valid or not should never be called into question. Are you alive? Then you are valid. Should it EVER matter what another thinks about you? NO! However, this world is set up so that it does. And it can ruin you.


Last year I found Dr. John Mack’s videos on you tube and became fascinated because he, a preeminent psychologist, was willing to not only help and listen, but to go public with the fact that he believed the people he was working with.

From a journal entry I made last year:

I have recently listened to four YouTube videos of Dr. John Mack speaking on the reality of the UFO experience in its many and varied forms from ‘nuts and bolts’ to its supra (beyond normal) manifestation and its VALIDITY. What an extraordinary thinker he was.

That word, validity, has haunted me my entire life. I was a young child who heard a million times a day, “oh, it’s all in your imagination dear.” And every night ‘it’s all in your imagination, dear…’ made even less sense to me and my fear. This is because my imagination was used to explain everything that everyone couldn’t see, but I knew was there, therefore what I was feeling was invalid, ergo, so was I.

It was Dr. Mack’s way of looking at these experiences that helped me to understand their validity. His beginning footsteps into the exploration of extra-dimensional experiences and the attempt to create a workable language around this reality that could be used to communicate it, gave validity to the experience regardless of where along the spectrum of consciousness it occurred. (so I wasn’t an idiot all my life…. hmmm) It’s my OPINION he was removed from this world for that work. He was fast heading into that area in such a way that would wake us ALL up. Gods forbid…. Should we have discovered common ground without demeaning labels that were used to discount our realities it would have opened up a firestorm of new ideas about the human conscious experience and inserted it right into mainstream society.


It’s a sad day when it takes a Harvard professor saying that ‘Gee I think there is something beyond the touchable world that does exist and is VALID and REAL’, before we can have the permission to look at it that way, fully and without guilt or fear of ridicule and diagnosis as impaired.

There is an excellent article about the Reed Family published in March of this year from Indianapolis Monthly.

Mathew Reed Is Alienated

(I highly recommend you click the link and read it. ) It is long and detailed and the author did his very best to illustrate how being of the ‘fringe’ and in the mainstream can mess up your life, even if you want to be in the mainstream like Thomas Reed, or didn’t like his brother Mathew Reed. He also illustrates how Matt, even though he was being quiet about it, eventually had to tell the people in his closer relationships that he had had these experiences and how it dissolved the relationships right before his eyes.

The whole situation reminds me of how we used to treat other “family problems” (the pink elephants on our couches) before we knew about things like addictions and abuse. The whole family rallied around and nobody spoke of it. This family lived with the same array of feelings because they had made a survival pact in the beginning to not talk about it. What this does to the individuals of the group is dis-allow any type of interaction that could begin the healing process from the trauma. So not only did they have an extraordinary, life altering series of experiences, they had no way to begin to heal, temper and come to grips with it all. Which causes you to turn away from the issue inside of even your self and pretend it didn’t happen.


If that wasn’t bad enough, ( the fear of being ostracized and laughed at ) they also had interference from the gov’t Men in Black, several deaths (1) that are eerily connected to their saga, and outright attempts on their lives. Its a very schizophrenic situation to deal with.  On the one hand no one believes you and calls you crack-pot and on the other hand you have MIB chasing you and causing havoc in your life. Try explaining that to someone ‘normal’!

If for no other reason than to bring this into the mainstream so good, honest people can get some help, DISCLOSURE really needs to happen. Faster.  We all need to WAKE UP.  


(and as my daddy always used to say to me, “Yes, Alison, and people in hell want ice water too.”)



1. My first husband died from the after effects of Legionnaire’s disease. It is a bacteria primarily found mostly in the cooling systems of large buildings. It drowns you in your own fluids and can be cured if you have the right antibiotics immediately. If they had stopped to culture the bacteria, he would have died in hours. Luckily our doctor at the time had a ‘hunch’ and followed it. But it ruined his lungs and gave him severe COPD which eventually effected his heart. We also got a visit from the CDC.

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