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What is a portal? By most standards a portal is an energy vortex. A point of convergence in space and time. A node. A place where energy coalesces, where energy points meet and mix. We are energy, our soul matrix is a defined point of light in a sea of light. By definition, that makes us portals. Yes, it does. We are walking doorways between the dimensions and stars in and of ourselves.


If that is true, why don’t we know it? Well for one, we all know we’ve been trained for thousands of years to ‘see’ our reality in only one way. We have also been trained to see that our emotions (heart and its inner truths) do not and should ever matter over anything. We have been taught to ignore the center of our truth and stuff it in the back of our minds so we can more efficiently get on with the ‘real’ work of daily life. So, does it surprise you when you can’t even feel into the understanding that you are powerful enough to BE your own portal and go anywhere?


The vortex that we are is continuously pulling divine force though in order to manifest the physical body. (we are our own little gravity wells, so to speak) In my opinion that makes us pretty powerful beings. We are creating this existence every second and then turning our awareness away from it so we can pretend to play this game called earth. So we can see our beingness through another medium another perspective, so we can enlarge our understanding of creation.


A little story:


Divinity, in a moment of self-awareness exploded into infinite points of light. Each of them a full divinity and sentient in its self, each knowing they were a part of the whole. They, being conscious, needed to explore so they decided to make matter, something for them to play with, reflect and discover. That meant that some of those points had to slow down so far that they became heavy, some so heavy that they broke through and merged again with the creative principle. The one rule, caveat they had was that they could take infinity to do it. Each spark imbued with free will made their own decision. As the sparks that slowed down became dense and dark other sparks began to collect around these places of slower light in curiosity and fascination. This was a new thing! Matter was born in the vortex of their crossing. For eons they played this way and the universe with its galaxies came into being. The sparks realized that there was an infinite combination of things to become and many untold ways to even be embodied. Where ever the sparks met there was life, intelligence and awareness. All of the manifested universe from the smallest particle of energy light to the vast array of stars in their various permutations were aware/ intelligent/ awake. Then after all this play, intelligence wondered if it could create itself and they proposed an experiment; what if some of us hid from ourselves? Would we be able to figure out the game?


And Earth was born.



OK, here is my whacky idea. If you already are a vortex, then maybe it is simply a need to FOCUS who you are to be able to play with that vortex? Yeah, and just HOW do you do something like that? First thought, maybe meditation will get you there. Well, meditation is just flat out boring! Apologies to all you lovely people who find it works for you and great if it does, but I’m a kind of let’s see how many ways we can fringely break the rules to get it to work/ don’t lock me down/ and don’t tell me how to play in my own mind kinda gal. Sometimes that really backfires on me, and sometimes it doesn’t. Lol I do find it’s a lot more fun…. (there are a vast amount of ways to meditate, anyway, and some of them are fun).


  • How do you create an internal energy vortex
    • Intention
    • Emotion
    • Mind
    • Higher/spiritual connection
    • Symbolism
    • connection

energy sent

I have found that when I formulate a clear intention, load it with love, find my mind excited at the prospect, reach to that aspect of my upperself, (the one I’m always talking to in asides) throw in a little symbolism if needed to be clear on the point and put it all in the pot at the same time, miracles happen. This is exactly what Jimmy and Rita have done to create this ever expanding thing that has become Jimmy Church Radio.


There are times that I have done this in my mind’s eye and I have visited places but not gone because…

I for one, am not done playing on this planet. I love food, I love people and babies (yes, food is first, lol) I love dogs and cats and animals and bugs and trees and grass and water and flowers and music and love its self. I cherish the emotion just being amid this glorious chaos gives me. I want to wake everybody up and play a couple more times on this planet without all the bad stuff. I really want this with all my heart. I want to meet my interplanetary, intergalactic, multidimensional neighbors and play with them too.


I am just getting to the point that I think/feel it might be possible. Care to join me?



(This was going to be a cautionary piece on using the above information stupidly, like during Halloween, because people do it all the time without knowing it and some do it knowingly and it can be terribly destructive, but you guys already know all about that, so, pffft! )


This was surrounding me while I wrote this piece. I found this album in ’98. It makes my heart explode with joy. This cut is my most favorite from the albun

2 thoughts on “Portals”

  1. Well written, informative, and from the heart. There is no better place for writing to come from, and it shows here. Bravo!


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