David Icke Exposes The Archon Conspiracy And The Crumbling Matrix: AWAKEN at Wembley Arena, 25th Oct 2014


David Icke Exposes The Archon Conspiracy And The Crumbling Matrix

AWAKEN at Wembley Arena, 25th Oct 2014
Our ability to “decode reality” is linked to what we are able to perceive, he went on. Sages and shamans have long been able to see beyond the narrow frequency range of visible light. It’s no coincidence that the pineal gland located in the brain, also known as ‘the Mind’s Eye’, is being calcified with the introduction of fluoride into our water.

From an article on a new  site for me and I would like to direct your attention to it.  Amazing.

One of the things that I have begun to notice about the 2014 programing on channels like H2 is that, not only are they sharing footage,  their message is somewhat disturbing in its tendency towards floating over the line into what I consider negative PR.

On Friday I watched the new Ancient Aliens.  It was ok, and like a lot of these later episodes said much about nothing, but there was one scene that caught my eye where the cavemen were around a fire at night and their shadows were projected onto a slab of rock.  There was something different (wrong?) with the whole 30 seconds that that image was projected. It ‘felt’ weird. But it went by and I didn’t think much of it.

That is until I watched The Devil’s Graveyards last night and caught the same image again. ?!? My ‘bull-shit’ alert went off watching this show, for two reasons. One was the absolute outright statement that the “aliens” had put something into the ground that would slow earth’s core and eventually kill us, and  that an EMP pulse would cure it. ( Anybody sense  the beginnings of a False-Flag set up? huh? maybe just a little?… sigh) And the other was a repeat of that 30 seconds of cave scene that had been on Ancient Aliens, AND, it hit me wrong again!!  My mind  went  ‘Wait just a darn minute!”


So, I did some research.  Lots and lots has been written about this and even though it stated that the show was a dramatization of events, it didn’t make you aware that this had happened in 1972.  Or, that massive amounts of research since then had taken place.  And that there are positive spots too…  ( bibliotecapleyades is always a good site with lots of other links to this information ) They presented it like a documentary, and proceeded to make extremely inflammatory remarks and leading statements with no factual support.

Once again I feel like I got sucker punched in the gut.

Then I find this lovely article on a new web site that looks kinda cool and the Icke “Dot” is connected.

Had to share.  🙂


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