To Birth the New Earth

So, after the game of ‘Earth’ got really going;

The same as the DNA in the cells in our body or the quantum sub particles of the atom are to the atom, so is the earth to the Solar system to the Galaxy. As we have Gaia, who’s intelligence is the sum total of all the lives on her ( inorganic and organic) so the Solar Logos, or the intelligence of the solar system is the sum total of all the planets, asteroids and the sun. And as our solar system is a binary in a larger system, and that system is a member of a cluster of systems and that cluster is a part of one of the arms of this galaxy: WHAT HAPPENS HERE EFFECTS EVEYTHING! We are all connected. The principle that is the underlying field of this connection is love. Love is a frequency with infinite harmonics. We are moving forward in a spiral configuration through the cycles of frequencies in ascending octaves. Each time we get to be drenched in those frequencies at ever more enriched and enlightened levels. For the longest time, on this planet, we have been stuck. For reasons we already know ( But think of a rubber band stretched and then let go. We are about to slingshot forward because the holding energy has been eliminated. Our planet, our solar system, this region of interstellar space is going to move forward quickly. And our mother earth is going to go through a sort of birthing process. When the earth game was born many millennia ago, it was decided to allow the extreme dichotomy of light and dark ideation to play out on this planet. This is because the stress forces were to develop in us a fine sense of the responsibility of free will and choice. You cannot know the fullness of anything without its opposite in this dual existence. And if you are living in matter, you are dualistic. Each one of us is a whole spark of divinity. We contain great light and in equal measure great dark within our souls. The entire point of the experiment was to teach the responsibility of Choice and Free Will. At this time in the Game called ‘Earth” we have an entire galaxy watching us, because what happens next will effect this galaxy and beyond. We have much help both around the planet and here on the ground.

I would like to present to you a vimeo by Gorden Davidson that I received through Kosta Gus Makreas, who created a group years ago of people who try every month to make contact in a way similar to Dr. Greer’s program. I have been with this group 2 years in April. I have had some very astounding experiences with this group and doing this monthly work. At the bottom you can find Kostas’ email, and all it takes is a request to join. I greatly urge you to if you want contact. This is where I learned that contact is 75% of the time not your normal nuts and bolts type, but a consciousness paradigm. I have shared a bit of my journal from my monthly contact experiences on this blog and I do intend to share more. It is also why I have my Alison Rants about ‘ IT’S NOT ALL IN YOUR IMAGINATION’ all the time. I really want to you all to understand that all it takes is a tipping point for this to happen, and you all are already there and way more connected and powerful than you can possibly imagine. I want you all to wake up and realize that and put it to GOOD USE! asher2

So, watch this video… lol

Here is the letter with Kosta’s  email and the key to the vimeo and the password as stated is:


Hello ETLetsTalk Community and Friends,

You can now watch the FREE archived “Intro to the Light Alliance” webinar presentation by Gordon Davidson from Nov. 1 at:    

 the password is ‘light’   (without the apostrophes)   no login needed

The webinar was a resounding success!   THANK YOU to all of you who took the time to listen to Gordon’s fascinating and useful information.

It is mine and Gordon’s hope that you will share this free webinar link with your networks.

As Gordon reiterated, the ET Contact and co-creation that this community has been making for 4 years is an integral and important part of the Light Alliance’s plan for the Transfiguration of our Earth into its Golden Age.

Keep it up!

Our gratitude to all of you,

Kosta Founder, “ETLetsTalk” community

Founder,  “Global CE-5 ET Contact” Initiative


Light and Love to you all, my Faders…


p.s. this lends some real credence to the above message….

IN5D article:

Kerry Cassidy’s interview with Karen Hudes:

3 thoughts on “To Birth the New Earth”

  1. I remember discovering the “Cell Theory” when I was in college and it is identical only with a different name I guess.

    We are interconnected to everything. The real goal is to break free of the shackles and finally be able to experience the entirety of the universe.

    Somehow though, I feel like that gift is given to us when we die. This 70-90 year life is the “human” birthing process and once we go from here, we are born into the everywhere, everything, everywhen.


  2. That feeling, that we can not do it ‘NOW” is part of the disinformation box we are being asked to break out of. Truly, I ask you to create in your mind’s eye what it would be like, feel like to be in that perfect place NOW. Play with it in your imagination, see how it develops and detailed it can become. And, allow, allow, allow.



  3. So very well said, Alison!

    As Above, So Below. You so profoundly and clearly state how interconnected we are and how our life and Being is part of a great Life and Being which is part of an even still greater Life and Being…infinitely.

    The ET Contact that our ETLetsTalk community has been making for 4 years recognizes that Life is everywhere. As we have contacted ET Intelligence we have asked them to co-create the New Earth with us. As you have testified, the answer to that request is a resounding ‘yes’. Thanks to you and so many others for recognizing the critical transition period in which we find ourselves. You asknowledge that ET intelligence is part of the vast Light Alliance.

    When I discovered Gordon Davidson’s info in his e-book on the Light Alliance I was profoundly inspired and re-invigorated at a time when I really needed some good news. Now I am spreading it as far as I can as quickly as I can.

    We ARE part of that Light Alliance and we have monumental amounts of help from ET, from our Spiritual Masters and Adepts, from Gaia, from HIgher Dimensions and more places and Beings. Knowing this helps me get out of bed in the morning with a smile…and offering myself in service to the Plans for healing Gaia.

    Thank you so much for highlighting Gordon’s Light Alliance video here. It is my fervent hope that it brings the big picture of Victory of the Light to your readers. Every one has a part to play in the Transfiguration of the Earth into its Golden Age and *everyone is needed* at this time.

    Please keep your thought-provoking words coming. As a messenger, you, Alison are fulfilling a much-needed service to inform your network that we are NOT alone. We have the simple power to connect with ET and other Light Beings who are joyous and anxious to co-create with us.

    So…to our Star Friends, to us, to Gaia and her lifeforms, to the vast Galaxy and Galaxies beyond….Salute! Love!

    ETLetsTalk Global Community
    “Global CE-5 ET Contact” Initiative


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