On Kitten Feet: Stan’s comment is a thought provoking addendum!

kitten feet

Because this was so thought provoking I wanted to have everybody see it!

STAN, so are so very right! I have titled your reply to my article Engagement.  These are Stan’s words:

 Here we are 70 years post Roswell, 30 years post Lunar Landing and 20 years ago we flew passenger aircraft faster than we can today. The progress in healthcare and human sciences are still rationed out by the developed world on the basis of financial accounting and profit and loss. All around the world a generation of children and young adults immersed in virtual reality first person shooter type games are immune to the prospect of violence in the real world because by the time they are 16 they have virtually killed thousands of targets in games and we wonder why the youth have no value for human life.
We are a backward species and the only thing that brings me comfort is that our tenure on this planet is liable to be mercifully brief. The only thing I would be able to offer up in our defence is the harmony of a Philharmonic Orchestra..the musical arts…
Its perhaps fashionable to describe ourselves as a war loving tribal species who seem to spend a great deal of time and technology devoted to killing each other.
In spite of all the good things we do it seems to me..the bad things we do are tipping the scales in the wrong direction.
All of the activity at Echo Flight and Malmstrom along with Bentwaters..and in the  former Soviet Union seems to be pointing in 1 direction and warning us not to consider the use of Nuclear Weapons.  This flies in the face of allowing Fukushima and Chernobyl to happen and not intervene.
We will be allowed to determine our future to a large degree with the exception of the nuclear toy box..and even then 2000 times we have lit the fuse and deployed them on this planet…Only twice we are lucky on each other…Disclosure has happened..and is happening like a jigsaw puzzle the pieces are there and have been for 50 years. YOU KNOW & I KNOW..its not a question of belief its a matter of factual evidence sufficient to garner a conviction in a court of law..sans corpus delecti.  The media/government games predicated in maintaining the status quo don’t matter much to me anymore. All doubt ceased the first time I saw a UFO and then the second time I got confirmation and by the 3rd time there was no question…all the times after that..were unneeded by me to cement the reality of the presence in our skies of things that defy in size and motion the hand of man to produce. Disclosure was yesterday all that remains is ENGAGEMENT with who and what will deign to meet us on their terms…because for certain they will not meet us on OUR terms.



9 thoughts on “On Kitten Feet: Stan’s comment is a thought provoking addendum!”

  1. This is an interesting look at a perspective a bit different from my own in many ways, but very similar in others. It is opinions such as this that fuel new thought i n the reader. Thank you for sharing this.


  2. Alison’s post was the lead engine on a trainload of thoughts for me. Her words were the catalyst that moved me to crystallise my thoughts on things. In Geologic terms 2000 years is less than a hairs breadth and when you factor in the age of the observable multiverse then you begin to sense of how small and fragile our dominion really is. We are a TYPE 0 Civilisation burning fossil fuels using chemical rockets and nuclear fission. I could fill this page with all of things we are not and have yet to master.
    Voyager is at the edge of the Heliopause on the brink of reaching interstellar space beyond the effect of solar wind and is as such our second calling card to the galaxy at large. (1st are all the Radar and Radio signals) We are here! they say…or more likely we WERE here. In all likely hood by the time the signals are received decoded and traced to point of origin the reign of man on this planet will long since have been over. What will they find? the sands of the desert preserving the skyline of Dubai?
    A green and blue ball floating in the darkness of space with the remnants of a lost civilisation witnessed by shards of steel and glass that crumble to dust and vanish like a spiders web as brushed aside as you pass.


  3. George, help me convince Stan to write his own blog…:-) 🙂 this should have it’s own page. Already he has two articles just in his comment alone!


  4. Three things I know for certain. One, Alison provides the kind of inspired thought that is much needed in the world today. Two, George is essential to providing a pathway for open exploration inside the self and the physical world and Three, Stan is the sleeper agent within the group that is going to wake a lot of new readers up and force new ways of thinking upon the unsuspecting.

    This exchange, right here is why Faders exists.

    P.S., Stan, you know what to do.


  5. Right now I am reading Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon…It was just given to me…The opening quote is by Werner Von Braun

    I like to read things and then think and then comment usually I comment as I think instead of the other way around. Off the top of the head and the heart. If there is something to write about one day I will do just that.


  6. ”Nature does not know extinction, only transformation”

    Werner Von Braun..

    Something went wrong in my post


  7. Stan,
    You already you have 2 full blog postings in just your comments. We would all like to know what else YOU think. Pls indulge us and don’t make us wait until you digest a new book. You, yourself, have some very interesting thoughts and so far we all think so. Throw a crumb to the masses here…please?


  8. Stan knows, most Fadernauts know. Why is it that many folks I talk with about the Others and hidden programs and secret technology look at me a bit oddly or say they don’t care?
    Disclosure is needed like with Congressional Hearings and other Mainstream avenues for those folks who are too stubborn or uneducated or plain dumb. If these folks are lazy, unmotivated to seek or afraid of the Truth it will be shown to them.


  9. Very interesting Stan and yes – please DO write more. We are all like sponges soaking up information as well as other’s point of view. If we all believed and felt the same there would be little to learn and without learning there is no wisdom which is something we should all seek – always and in all ways.

    Dino, I agree that many are too lazy to look past their own TVs but consider this; Do you think it is possible that movies and TV shows are inundated with alien storyline programs for a reason beyond entertainment? Is it disclosure for those who are too lazy to seek truth? It is possible.


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