Renee’s rebuttal to: On KItten Feet, another WONDERFUL VIEW POINT!!

kitten feet

With love I repost this comment from my dear friend Renee. Girl, you have a very valid point!


With respect, Stephen Bassett’s and our efforts to get a congressional hearing on disclosure are not a fool’s errand.

Both Bassett and Greer have stated that the side effect of these efforts — that is, bringing this subject to the attention of the general public — is worthwhile in and of itself, whether or not the congressional hearing ever takes place.

You and I and others in this community may think that disclosure is unlikely to come from the US government, but in our outreach to other members of the ufology/ET-human communities, we are only preaching to the choir.  And you yourself have stated how important it is to discuss these things with others who haven’t been exposed to what we have, since it all contributes to group consciousness.  How then, logically, could you describe contacting US Congress members in a massive effort as a fool’s errand when at the very least it helps get the message out to the public?

Don’t you believe it’s our responsibility to pass on — when appropriate, as in this huge civic effort toward official disclosure — our knowledge and experiences to people who might not otherwise be informed?

I hope you’ll consider posting a retraction in of your “fool’s errand” statement for these reasons.

People listen to what you have to say.  It’s sometimes a fine line between your or my personal opinions to doing the right thing in outreach efforts.  I have found this to be a universal truth in my longtime work with two other non-mainstream groups (extreme environmental, and the right to death with dignity), and it clearly applies to you and me and the Fadernauts as well.  I mean, that’s the whole point of progression, isn’t it?  That is, that what was once fringe becomes the mainstream.
Thanks for listening and for considering my response to your comments,

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