Where to Rent or Buy the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure CD’s as your Very Own!


To go to the web site and watch the trailer and read the article click the logo above. It’s pretty cool site too, just loaded with good stuff.

Finally you can watch and or rent and OWN your own CD set. I remember somebody asked that the other night in the sand box.

There are twenty videos of official testimony presentations. You have the option to rent or buy individual videos. All twenty videos can also be rented or purchased together at a discounted rate.

Thank you Renee for the email about this. And to answer your question, its definitely worth a posting.  And I suppose that brings me to an explanation about the Kitten Feet article. I really was NOT putting down the immense and immeasurable effort of Mr. Stephen Basset. I just don’t think that the gov’t is going to budge. Not when there is still so much money for them to make off of us.  To quote myself in a letter to Renee:  The Rain on Congress will get a message out to the public. The govt can just go stick it’s big ugly useless head in the toilet! And flush. Better yet a black hole and flush…

2 thoughts on “Where to Rent or Buy the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure CD’s as your Very Own!”

  1. FREEDOM, Truth and Justice are the foundation of our America.
    (or are supposed to be) How can we have Liberty?
    I believe we must pursue Congressional Hearings toward Disclosure to make everyone everywhere aware of the INTENTION to expose the TRUTH we Fadernauts, and others,
    believe to be. Action stimulates Action by doing what each of us can. The Whole galaxy is watching and will see. Those who do not choose to see must still be shown Light. If Full Disclosure does not come from this current effort it will still be a step toward that end.
    If we do nothing now, nothing will probably happen soon.
    Help even if you are sceptical. Naysayers have been proven wrong countless times in our past.

    Uncle dino out for now.


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