A Newer Understanding of the Archon Archtype: Opposing Consciousness



This article truly puts a modern twist on the Controllers, and how n why we are stuck in this frequency. It’s a new way to see the whole situation.

It’s purpose is to create fixed eddy currents of limiting behaviour, attachments that generate filters: such as thoughts, feelings and emotions, that play through our field, which we then create realities around. Often these deceptions – like false love and light – feel so close to the truth, we’re happy to dwell in them. What happens is they create a polarity in your field, through which you bleed energy.
It is this which helps perpetuate the Matrix in which we live.

Interesting read



2 thoughts on “A Newer Understanding of the Archon Archtype: Opposing Consciousness”

  1. Very nice food for thought….aha the thought, the ultimate deceiver… A psychic gave me sound advice when she learned I am a dumpee magnet…. people tell me their woes, problems, dreams,gossip, etc …. she said I listened with open ears and heart and really did want to help but it wasnt my job….. I told her I am drained each day by them…. she told me I needed to literally wash them off of me each and everyday, visually in the mind while taking a shower….so that I did not bleed out. thank you sweetie. Oh, and right after she gave this wonderful advice… she dumped on me!


  2. I think I hear it in your voice (the exhaustion and inundation)… the allergies and sinuses. I have them too. Its stuffed tears, and not wanting the third eye to be quite that open… I am almost sure you have been abducted from reading your posts… I never had the shadow people, but there was always something there, and I fell asleep most of my young life frozen in fear too.. I get you, doll, I really do.


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