Who Would We Have Been?



Had we not been interfered with?


Would we have grown?

Without strife, without challenge?

Without hatred, without fear, without war, without killing?

Would we have developed into the technical race we are now?

Or would our technology be so different as to look like magic,  coming from the soul/spirit/heart?

Would we have even cared about what’s out there?

Or would our inner worlds have taken us where ever and whenever we desired?

Would we have made a paradise here on this earth?

What does paradise look like?

Would we have evolved towards the best brain chemicals, the ecstasy, and the love, the dopamines?

Or would unity and love have propelled us toward an organic wholeness completely unimagined?

Would all life have evolved into this web of interconnectedness of support without the need to kill for food, and not just us but the animals here who kill for food?

Would the lion truly laydown with the lamb?

Would peace have reigned?

Would we have evolved so quickly that life as we know it would have been so different that it is beyond our grasp to even imagine?

These are the questions that run through my mind after events like last night around the states, after Ferguson. After idiot rulings in unfair circumstances tell people that they are less than, after insurgents are planted in the crowds to make things worse in an already bad situation.

It makes me wonder if the Archons are real and they are still trying to get us to turn ourselves into a planet bathed in fire and anger just so they can feed…. It makes me angry that in this place , this earth, amidst all this wealth and beauty that we have never been, nor will we ever be really free.

It pisses me off.

A Lot.

When I was a kid I rebelled inside at all the things that I had to wait to do, all the freedoms that I wanted to have, and I was always told, “When you grow up….” and I waited. It was very hard. And while I thought I was getting the freedom as I grew to be myself, it really never happened. One day I finally realized the only thing about me that was free was my mind, and if I wasn’t careful, that would slip away too.

There are days when I am dead sure that this place has been set up as a ruse and that every way we turn we are captive to something, waiting for something to end and “One day….” but it is always around the corner, the dream is just so wiley and intangible, slippery that if you take your eye off of it for one moment it disappears, POOF!

I guess this is a rant from a very tired spirit. I am never going to give up and never going to give in, but there are days when everything seems so broken in the world and so impossible that I want to explode.


It is you, my friends, who together stave off the helplessness, the seeming inevitable in your quest for what is really real that keeps us all going. Know that you are each so unbelievably precious in your will to tear open the box we have all been so neatly put in. Let the passion for the truth always burn and never give up!

Never. Give. Up.

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