To Hair or not to Hair….

Richard Dolan is a good example of what I am seeing men do with their hair lately, some because they know, others just because. (they aren’t even aware of our world…lol) So when the subject came up last night in the Sandbox, I said I’d look into it. 🙂

RD shortdolanshort

RD longdolanlongest

I happen to appreciate the longer hair…

This article is a short read. It is the original article to create all the current whooha about longer hair. It was also the only info on easy Google that I could find, and every other article quotes it. I Would love if someone could reference the actual military research, I couldn’t find it.

Black Elk

The Truth about Hair and Why Indians would keep their Hair Long

Signs of the Times ( was created by historian and author Laura Knight-Jadczyk. The About section on the site mentions that her husband is “one of the world’s few living experts in hyperdimensional [HD] physics” (Knight-Jadczyk 2002). Another notable person that claims to be an “expert” in hyperdimensional physics is Richard “Face on Mars” Hoag­land. HD physics has been associated with energies at the “mysterious” Coral Castle in Florida and Comet Elenin, and it has even been linked to the Mayan Calendar (Scott 2011). The network page lists,, and as separate websites founded by Arkadiusz Jadczyk and his wife (Jadczyk and Knight-Jadczyk 2000).

In 2011, Signs of the Times featured an intriguing article under the category “Science of the Spirit” titled “The Truth about Hair and Why Indians Would Keep Their Hair Long.” The author, C. Young, sets the tone of things to follow: “Our culture leads us to believe that hair style is a matter of personal preference, that hair is a matter of fashion and/or convenience, and that how people wear their hair is simply a cosmetic issue” (Young 2011). However, just a little further along in the article, another more interesting claim pops up: “Back in the Vietnam War however, an en­tirely different picture emerged, one that has been carefully covered up and hidden from public view.” (


So, in asking whaaa?  I found this gem. This Article goes into some of the biology of the hair and why it might be a conduit for sensing electromagnetic fields.

Listening to your Hair

A7HJCR AFRO HAIR MODEL - for sunday features good hair afro story  ALAMY  

“Hair is an extension of the nervous system.  Whether it actually transmits important information to the brain remains an open question, but some studies of our mammalian relatives raise intriguing possibilities.”

Very good. This author goes the extra mile in doing the biological research to try to understand IF hair could actually be a perceptual organ that we are not paying attention to.


That being said, Discover Magazine says a few things that make sense about the hormones in the body and that they cross systems; typically neurotransmitters found in the brain, scientists can now find in the gut and so forth with their attendant receptor sites.

One of the most important recent advances in hair biology, Paus says, is the realization that follicles are even more self-regulatory than anyone had imagined. A follicle doesn’t just respond to hormones that wash over it through the bloodstream; it makes those hormones itself and presumably uses them for internal conversations. For instance, follicles make the same stress hormones that are made by the hypothalamus in the brain, the pituitary gland, and the adrenal gland. “That’s absolutely wild!” Paus says. “That a complex signaling axis involving different organs of the entire body should be installed in all its elements in a miniorgan like the follicle—that’s a wild concept.”

Hair follicles are us. Not just because they make the stuff we use to display our personalities; they are us in molecular microcosm. “This is the only organ that behaves this way,” Bruno Bernard of L’Oréal says, showing off a petri dish in which an individual follicle is thriving in a bath of glucose, vitamins, and amino and fatty acids. “If you take skin or muscle or liver and put it in culture, it falls apart. Studying this little follicle is studying the human being—it’s a very simple organ for understanding the big mysteries of biology.” That’s just one more reason, as if you needed one, to miss it when it’s gone. (The Biology of…Hair)


Still, things like this quote show up all over the internet without proof;

Long hair has long been a common element of many spiritual prophets such as Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Shiva, or the story of Samson and Delilah from the Bible, when Samson lost his strength with the loss of his hair. Not to mention the Vril :

Contact With Extraterrestrials:

It was December of 1919. The head of the Thule Society, Karl Haushofer, had invited a handful of the most respected occultists to meet at a secluded cabin in the forest foothills of tha Alps, near Berchtesgaden. The guests included a representative of the Knights Templar and a specialist in Asian artifacts. As they gathered together, Haushofer revealed a surprise. Two young and exceptionally beautiful women joined the group.

One of the young women was very quiet. She was barely 18 years old and, for some reason, her real identity was a guarded secret. She was introduced as “Sigrun”.

The other woman was Maria Orzich. Aside from their stunning appearance, both had exceptionally long hair (contrary to the current vogue) that was worn in a ponytail. Haushofer introduced them as transe-mediums and announced that Maria had received a communication from an extraterrestrial civilization. Some of the communication was in the form of text — automatic writing — written by Maria in her altered state. She showed the group several pages with strange symbols. (Vrill Women of WWII) They believed their long hair allowed them to have contact with ET’s.


Hair is an extension of the nervous system and it emits energy from the brain into the outer environment. It’s an information highway reaching the brain, so when hair is cut, receiving and sending transmissions to and from the environment is hampered (

And yet My question is: Is hair something that will be able to give us more information as we pay more attention to the subtle energies? Or is it simply a religious tradition and a societal form of respect. Researching hair tradition over history, at least post flood shows that we are confused, or at least have forgotten why the ancient traditions became traditions and have also lost our ability to “listen” to our hair. (

I find it interesting that our UFO researchers are growing their hair because of that article, and maybe they actually found the military research and there’s more info to this than we thought? I’m trying to find out by growing mine long and, IT AIN”T EASY!! (grrrrrrr)



7 thoughts on “To Hair or not to Hair….”

  1. My hair has been thinning badly for the past ten years but I am growing it longer lately. Let the squared think or feel what they want. Richard looks more manly with the Freak Flag flying.


  2. Great Post Alison! It’s informative, entertaining and intriguing!

    I’m pretty sure that every child cries during their first haircut.
    It’ makes perfect sense that hair has a ‘higher’ purpose. Much more than just an expression of style. Or vanity.

    After reading your post, my first thought was that whomever the ancients modeled Medusa after was – most likely – a very gifted woman. One who was in tune with those subtle energy fields and capable of directing such energies. No wonder they remade her as an evil, serpent-haired creature who turned people to stone: She was a woman. She was powerful. And, they were fearful, petty and jealous.

    Thank You!


  3. My life has two periods, one of long hair, and one of short hair. I have found that I am happier when my hair is longer, but getting people to listen or respect what you have to say is harder. There is a subtle cultural bias that seems to diminish the perception of intellect from men with longer hair.

    When my hair was shorter, I only had to simply modify my attire to garner different reactions from people. If I wore a suit and tie, I was more often treated with respect by society at large, verses wearing on old pair of jeans and an Iron Maiden concert shirt. What I said and how I said it may have been the same, but the results were different more often then not.

    I have longer hair now, though much of it is turning white, and I am comfortable with it. I love the info in this article, it seems to validate my choice in a way I never even considered. Thank you.


    1. I so agree with you. The stereotypes that go with hair are ridiculous, but strong. I’m a natural red and for most of my life that sucked. Then for a while I was blond. In the hair industry that is a plus. They are all little blond clones, most of them, but they certainly are fawned over. What was most striking was the deference paid to blonds at places like the cash register, or in restaurants. They treat you with respect and hang on almost your every word. They jump to do stuff for you. I was totally shocked. I’m grey now too, and I’m leaving it that way. It’s a great way to get ignored and pass anywhere with out much attention. After all who cares about us seniors? Our lives are over in the eyes of about 90% of the population. That’s interesting also.


  4. Great article, Alison. I like Richard with longer hair too– not only does he look like he’s “getting his freak on” but also looks kinda like the “distinguished professor” to me too. And I am fascinated by the idea of longer hair facilitating sending and receiving transmissions –cool! I knew there was a reason I wanted to keep my hair longer! And I totally agree with hair, age and stereotyping. But I have to admit I like the idea of not being noticed by the public, like almost being invisible.


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