In My Opinion

Last nights interviews were very interesting for a lot of reasons, but mostly for the contrast between Col. Hart’s and Mr. Burroughs stories and attitudes.

haltCol. Hart seemed very concise and clear. It was not a matter of any emotional import to him as to what happened over that Christmas weekend except to say that he knew that it was ultimately going to mess up his career in the military. It was obvious he tried very hard to prevent just that. I can understand that. If I had worked all my life in a field to gain credibility and rank and in three days to have that possibly destroyed, I would run damage control with all that I had. He repeated several times how he considered the whole situation with only one response. Can you blame him? He also sounded like he was just over the whole mess, wishing it would quit chasing him.

jon bMr. Burroughs, on the other hand is willing and needs to stay in the fray because of what is being done to him currently that relates to the cover-up of that weekend and his health. In my opinion, if his legal matters do get handled honestly it will be a big step towards disclosure (and also reveal the idiocy of the gov’t policy that created the truth embargo.) Sigh, which means that it probably will not get handled. Mr. Burroughs does NOT deserve that, at all.

Mr. Burroughs made a wonderful observation in his interview last night when he talked about the whole picture and everybody’s experiences as puzzle pieces in a puzzle box that are all there, but not put together so you can see the whole picture. In my opinion, I think that was done on purpose. By the people and powers that wanted the true facts of this case buried forever.

rendallshamIt is also my opinion that, although we think we have heard this case a million times, there is something wrong, something missing a key fact, that is yet undiscovered that is holding this case a the current level of mess that it is at. I think our gov’t did the best it could to confound and confuse this whole situation way past any hope of making sense of it. I also think those actions are what have caused the negativity that seems to pervade a group meeting. In other words they wanted to make sure that they never all got together in the same place because that information would come out, whatever it is.

If you read about abduction cases, where ever the gov’t/MIB?human-controlling-factions get a hold of these people, they turn the incident into a terribly negative event (it seems like) ON PURPOSE. Why?!? More often than not, contact experiences have been positive. ET’s seem to be curious rather than psychopathic. Their intent is not to hurt. But the MILABS and all the rest come in and get involved and mess up people after the events, just like it seems they did to the Rendalsham incident people. THIS WAS THIRTY YEARS AGO, PEOPLE! These guys are still trying to put their lives back together.

What enrages me is the perfidy of the people who decided or thought they had the RIGHT to decide to hide all this.

  1. per·fi·dy ˈpərfidē/

noun literary noun: perfidy; plural noun: perfidies

  1. deceitfulness; untrustworthiness.
    1. synonyms:

From <>

Yes. Notice all those accurate adjectives? Like, treachery, duplicity, deceit, treason, double dealing etc. Who’s the villain in this story? Not the ET’s…. What do you think? Like Jimmy said, Something is stinky in Rendlesham Forest… and I personally think it is definitely rotten human.

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