A Love Letter

Dear Fade To Black,

I’ve been interested, rabid, some would say, about UFO’s and ET’s since I was 6 yrs old or so. I wasn’t shy in high school about asking my dates about how they felt about it either. The first books I ever read about it were the Adamski and Menger books back in 1961. hearts8Then life happened and I popped back into all this seriously in 2001. Along the way I read a ton when the best sellers came out, but do you know how hard it is to get a book about UFO’s from the library? Some of them are not even in the state public system, so they are un-orderable. That said in 2001 after babies, a divorce a move and a new career, I quit working for someone else in 2010 and had a LOT of time on my hands. I could listen to C2C again and I found Kerry Cassidy!! While researching Greer I found Jimmy Church on You Tube. I waited with baited breath for every up-load. About the end of May, last year, I got the brilliant idea that I might be able to listen to this live because the grands were out of school and we could all sleep in. The three hour time difference is hard for an old fart like me… lol You all know I have a birthday Sunday and I’m turning 61….er 29 1/2 for the second time… it’s all relative anyway. (Just ask Titor)


I found out that the Sandbox is the best invention EV-AR! (as my daughter would put it) I even called in. (I sound like an IDIOT) And Jimmy was so nice, and tried to help me feel less nervous (yes I noticed that, and thank You, Jimmy)!!!hearts7 I have made such wonderful friends, and I have decided I am in LOVE with the Faderverse. Then Method created this wonderful amazing totally out-of-sight site.



hearts6When Jimmy brings a famous friend on the air, I feel like that friend is mine too. When he uses his considerable interviewing skills and style to evoke such honesty and incredible information from the guests and the emotions are high, I feel as though I am feeling them right along with the guest. The immediacy of twitter and the information and the insights of the Faders make me feel like I am a PART of the miracle that happens every night F2B is on the air.


hearts4In my (here we go again) opinion, F2B is a new evolution, an ascended show, a fifth dimensional creation happening before our ears. It is the MOST AMAZING experience that I have had the privilege to be a part of in my entire life (besides my children…lol). This is disclosure in action, my friends. From the grass roots up, one person at a time, the way it is really going to happen. Not from the top down.


hearts3WE Faders and Jimmy and Wonderful Rita. This is IT. Be Happy. We are part of the wave. All because Jimmy decided to follow a dream.




May you continue till the work is done.


Might I say how profoundly grateful I am to be a part of the miracle.


Love to the whole entire faderverse,



6 thoughts on “A Love Letter”

  1. Dear Alison,
    I do enjoy your thoughtful communications and ideas you present each night. And, Disclosure must come from many directions. We must be on to Something BIG form all the russling we hear from many sides. We BabyBoomers still have more to do!


    1. I do agree. But we can’t expect anybody to do it for us. Can you tell I’m an old hippy? The grass roots from the ground up personally response-able ideas? Well, in my opinion, lol, it IS happening. Just not with fire works and fan-fare… I appreciate that you care to comment. Always thoughtful and, very insightful.:-)


  2. This is wordcraft in fine form. I have so much respect for your perspective and how you present it. Much of what you say here is mirrored in my life. I found Fade to black on YouTube while looking for a Richard C. Hoagland interview I hadn’t seen yet. Then this wonderful community was revealed to me, and I felt welcomed. You Alison were a major part of that, and for that I thank you. Another year awaits us, and I believe it will be a year like no other. With Art Bell returning, and Jimmy coming on before him, the world is in for quite a shock. For as they come, we will be there to welcome them into the wonderful world of Fadernauts. Thanks again Alison for all that you do.


  3. George,
    All I can say is I feel the same about you. Your mind is startlingly beautiful, your posts eye openers and I thank you for even reading my stuff.
    Love you, dude!


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