Resonance: quantum entanglement , standing waves and you

This popped into my mailbox on Christmas day. I suppose the universe thought I needed some interestingly delicious reading material. 🙂 standing wavesI’m sharing it with you because it is the link between resonance and math and all the stuff I talk about and a fledgling new science and it brings it all together.



I can’t tell you why I know what I know, I just know it, but this goes a long way towards providing an anchor for it. Enjoy!

The Quantum Hologram and the Nature of Conciousness

4 thoughts on “Resonance: quantum entanglement , standing waves and you”

  1. I’m getting a “You need permission to access” from google drive
    you may need to adjust the public permissions there.


    1. I think if you just go ahead and click it, it will work… it did for me. If not I’ll change the blog post. Tks for telling me. 🙂 let me know


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