3 thoughts on “Cave Digger…..”

  1. Oh wow! Now there is a man I can both respect and even relate to in some ways. His dedication and inspiration must run so deep, Mr Arruda is, as you say, has a True Artists Soul. It would be fantastic to see how far he has progressed in the 5 years since he commenced his Opus II project. I feel deeply for him and his wife’s situation and it upsets me to see them go through such financially times for so long. I would love to see Mr Arruda continue uninterrupted on his own personal work of art, instead of seeing him work for peanuts on projects for well off people who do not understand what being an artist is really all about. I think that his commissioned work, although spectacularly beautiful, is under appreciated by selfish people who just took advantage of him and it’s really frustrating to see. It never ceases to amaze me, and is so indicative of how society treats those who are different, that those who abuse gifted people in this way will make extensive financial gain after these artists pass through this mortal realm. History continues to demonstrate how all really great artists do not value their work in monetary terms and end up suffering for their art, they continue onwards struggling to survive in such difficulties, I really do wish that Ra and his wife Paula receive financial stability and security enough to live the remainder of their lives in economic comfort and happiness.
    Thanks Alison for giving us a look into this man’s life and work.


    1. Mr. Arruda is an artist of our own faders. grin. The gentleman cave digger reminded me of George’s great talent. Thank you so much for reading! I was moved too. Why I posted. 🙂


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