Ebani’s?? (Unidentified Anomalous Biological Entity) Any Theories, Faders?

Whoa I just saw this, this morning. I wonder what these people are seeing and filming.  Of course, it doesn’t surprise me that most of the You Tube videos I can find are from Mexico, and Italy… Are they trans-dimensional? I think it interesting that in the conversation Monday with CG, about the Montauk chair, that the idea that we shape what we perceive by our own ideas, that the ET’sterminatormetal were waiting for us to give them form and that in trying to tell us what we are perceiving the early cultural ideas about UFO’s and their occupants were set in stone, so to speak, before mankind created something really scary.  That said, could these beings (if they are beings) be closer to the truth? Don’t forget about the Archons, and Carlos Castaneda’s description of something very close to the Ebani.archon And maybe these thing are more visible to us because the idea has finally sunk into enough sleeping brains via cultural programming that these things can now be perceived because we have been told what to perceive. ? I remember hearing a story about how the head shaman had to first perceive the Spanish ships off the south American coast (because he thought out side the box for the tribe and he could perceive them. It was his job.) so he could then teach his tribe to see them, because their brains could not make sense of what their eyes were perceiving, therefore they didn’t see it.  What an amazing thought, but we are doing it every day in many ways, not even accounting for the EM spectrum we can’t perceive. So, my faders, what are your theories?  I’m intrigued. A whole new Whoa.  :)))

4 thoughts on “Ebani’s?? (Unidentified Anomalous Biological Entity) Any Theories, Faders?”

  1. lol the program just took out all my paragraphs…. it looked better when I published. really. lmao


  2. Maybe it’s an intelligent life-form based on gas, plasma, energy, and etc.

    Maybe while we are transitioning to an new era (age) that we are frequently seeing UFO and other phenomenons. This object and others might already be here and we are slowly reaching to their visible frequency range.

    Then again. It could be a Lense flare or bohken fx from the camera. Just a bunch of silver balloons.


    1. I am hoping that we are transitioning up the frequency range. Thank you for posting! 🙂


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