Politics to Prose’s interview of Annie Jacobsen on her book: Operation Paperclip


There are pictures in this interview that do not make it into the book. It is utterly, really disgusting to realize what we, as a nation, were willing to do for the prize. Some of those scientists were involved in Montauk and MKUltra.  I have this sneaking suspicion that this all started pre WWl.

Annie does a fine job of laying out all very clearly. Something for tonight.

2 thoughts on “Politics to Prose’s interview of Annie Jacobsen on her book: Operation Paperclip”

  1. Thanks Alison! It’s great to connect with people who share the same interests again. Lots of facts in the video not many are aware of. I’m a news junkie for all the topics on F2B, and Paperclip reality has been shocking, as are all the others. I’ll never get back the naive innocence I had about the USA before I learned of it. Life was so much more affirming back then when I believed the lies and liars.


    1. Thank you so much for replying. I agree about being a fader, we may not always agree but our ideas are way beyond mainstream and therefore I treasure every one of them. I realized somewhere back in my 20s that I was not going to have my parents dream. That was in the late 60s. I couldn’t figure out why but then I got too busy with babies in life to even consider it. And I suppose that is exactly what they want to have happen to all of us, to have us all running around so hard just to survive that we do not have time to stop and really see what they have done to us. It is ugly. This seems to be the month on F2B where we will be considering all the different angles of this nasty little plan. And I for one am glad to have it all in one place, makes it easier to see the puzzle.


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