This is VERY Interesting

dragonflythe Carat program

Linda Moulton Howe reported on the ‘dragon fly’ drones once in an interview I was listening to. What caught my attention was Project Carat. That is all about the ET language that is seen on the bottom of these things.  The language is what is supposed to make these things fly, the symbols themselves. Remind anybody of the descriptions of the Egyptians putting a piece of papyrus on the pyramid stones to move them?

Have a look see. What an interesting puzzle piece.


3 thoughts on “This is VERY Interesting”

  1. There is in the tangle of disinfo around this truth that is very interesting. The craft that was seen and photographed in the Santa Cruz Mountains was real.


  2. I know. It’s a piece. Interesting to think that the right graphic in the right language is a viable technology. Ever wonder if our language, our words, are part of that box we haven’t found the sides of yet?


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