That damned Quantum Box….

If last night’s history was true, I have one question. Why, if these annunaki beings are capable of existing in ANY dimension, or plane, would they even CARE if we ascend, evolve, or got annihilated? Why after 450,000 years would there still be all the bull shit going on? Unless their evolution is tied to ours.md9 Like they got to where they wanted to be, one with source, and source said, “See that Fricking Mess you made on that planet a while back? Well it’s about to self-destruct, which will create a mess in that whole sector of the universe over there. Go clean it up now!”


There seems to be some disagreement as to HOW to do that. All based on a value system being put on the intrinsic heart of mankind, Adamu. heart energyAnd if last night’s history is true, THE ONLY THING THAT HAS EVER SAVED US IS LOVE. The love of a parent for his child. The empathy of one being to another.


Or, what we are looking at is yet another archetypal myth being played out on the big screens of our consciousness. We have the hero, the bad guy, who for some reason known only to him wants to hurt things, and us, the masses.The%20Holographic%20Universe%20-05 Then we have the static background upon which it all plays out. In my opinion, I still want to know what the damned screen is made of and why it works. I want to know why anybody would even bother with us, and care. As a planet we are such a mess. I want to know what we are, and I want to understand deep enough to be able to make my own decisions about who I am and who I will become.


What would really matter? Today, goodness has become and Ideal. Something to shoot for. That ultimately means you don’t have it. But maybe that is the myth/lie we are being led to believe, that we always need a savior and an Ideal. That immediately tells us that we are not inherently able to do this on our own. So the world is a mess because we always act out of the assumption that we are Not Capable. That is slave, pass the buck, not my fault mentality, where you always look outside of yourself for an answer. And that ALWAYS causes BAD eye And yet when you look into another’s eyes and you really see them, that bad behavior vanishes, because you are seeing the truth of another being.


In today’s world, we are taught that ‘us’ as the little guy and the individual don’t matter, that we must get the job done, we must deny our hearts to eat and provide for our loved ones instead of care for them.portal In a million tiny ways the system that we are enslaved to takes our ability to know and express this caring away, and makes it impossible to stop and say, “Waitaminit!”


Add to that the issues of our poisoned our food, water, the chemtrails, big pharm, taxes, banks, electric power, EMF’s, the false flags, creating utter confusion…. They (passing the buck?) are trying really hard to make sure we are way too damned busy to see something. If you get that part and you take a moment to stop and ask why, you fall down the rabbit hole only to get lost yet again.Qbox Enter that Damned box I’m trying to find the sides of. One day it’s just gonna smack me between the eyes… hopefully it won’t kill me when it does.


It still doesn’t answer my first question. Why would ANYBODY care about us enough to create the freaking mess we are in, or try and help us out of it, and for what reason?!?handspiral Or are we just infesting a piece of real-estate they want really badly?

6 thoughts on “That damned Quantum Box….”

  1. Hi Alibel! Nice piece. I had to buy me some Gerald Clark today. Then I remembered my Audible account and loaded up on travel goodies. 🙂
    “THE ONLY THING THAT HAS EVER SAVED US IS LOVE.” When we tap into what we feel as love, are we tapping into a universal force? Are what we feel as emotions all linked to basic forces, positive or negative (in our POV)? As our currently dominant surface senses, sight, smell, hearing, touch are imperfect for reporting the fullness of the universe as we understand it, could our emotional sense be equally limited? Consider observing lichen and planeria if You had no sense of time. Let’s throw in that You know the eventual outcomes for each. How might You relate to them? If not enough, let’s say You approach the observations as a thriver upon the “love” energy, and I approach them as a thriver upon the “evil” energy. Gets complicated. Like me and billiards, bring on chaos theory…


  2. ahhhh pool… chaos theory can be meant in 2 ways, LMAO, but I’ve found its really all about how completely you finish the thought of what you WANT the ball to do……….


  3. Hi Alsionbell, I really enjoyed last night’s show and all the ideas & questions it raised. This piece you wrote is really great, and brings up many mutual thoughts and questions I have also wondered. “Their” evolution may just be tied to ours as everything is linked to each other and why Love is so important. Our planet really needs HELP from all this pollution for sure and for humans to highly evolve.
    There are some teachings or theories out there that say that
    this is a prison planet enmeshed by a net with inhabitants
    that suffer from an ancient amnesia: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What am I to do?
    Still stranger, that some planets have no war, hatred, pollution,control…just love, beauty and inhabitants helping each other. And also some folks that lost a home on their
    planet because it was no longer able to sustain life.
    When I ponder these teachings or theories it puts life on this
    planet it a completely different perspective. Perhaps the
    teaching of getting rid of all of our impurities is the goal so
    that we can highly evolve and be finally free from the box 🙂


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