Do you see me now?

Like the Dr. said last night. We all have intuitive abilities. It is in our DNA. Every last one of us can do anything, in any realm, in any dimension.portal


How do I know this? I JUST know. And NO, it’s not just all in my IMAGINATION! My imagination IS my INTUITION! So watch it! Because you are creating this story you are involved in with every breath you take. I know I sound like a broken New-age woo-woo record. But…

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger just  “DO IT“.

do it

Have you ever noticed that every system of teaching out there that is about expanding and developing your intuitive abilities pre-suggests to you that you don’t have any abilities? Or that only after years of spiritual and social self-sacrifice will you be able to develop a modicum of the ability you are seeking?

When really all we need is a little sign that says ‘look here’…look_here


Granted, it helps if you’re not distracted but this whole world is about distracting us from what we already know. Even the teaching techniques themselves are a form of distraction.






( Sometimes I think autistics and ADHDs and all the rest of the alphabet soup have an advantage over us in that life can’t distract them from the real reality.)

Since I was a very little kid I’ve always wanted to know what was beyond that darned box. So I’ve played mind games with myself in order to try to see what it would be like to be different. Did you Ever blindfold yourself as a kid and try and walk around the house to see what would be like to be blind ? Have you ever tried to draw a picture using your feet and your toes as your fingers? braintobrainOr, have you ever walked around out in public pretending that you already could read minds and then been astounded when it worked? Have you ever touched anybody and gotten a flood of feelings from them as if they were your own?

We have all felt these things. And what we don’t realize is that it is our intuition already operating and giving us information and we are just not seeing the sign that says ‘look here’.

Really, when using this part of yourself to glean information, it is all about the question and the form the question not empty





And if you want to start playing around with this just put the idea in your mind that you want be more aware of this thread of information during the day and you will be mightily surprised at what you perceive.1ffae-art1




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