I just wanted to say along with the hundreds of other people out there,



To the

Jimmy Church Radio Network



Sounds wonderful, Yes? For all the creativity, the guests, the callers, the seekers, the believers, the knowers, the brave intrepid journeyers, the first timers, the Faders and all of you who are a part of this wonderful adventure, thank you too. I have found a place to anchor myself with people who are like me. Something I thought was pretty impossible just a couple of years ago.


To the innovative team of Jimmy and Rita, and the core producer group, I say where ever you go, whatever I need to do to connect, I will.


From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU

6 thoughts on “AMEN!”

  1. Seriously this last month has been outstanding in terms of guests, content and hosting. Jimmy Church is a Juggernaut in the making.


  2. An amen to the amen… Last night’s show iced it for me. I’m not here focussed on the alien angle. Hearing the show speaking on getting the consciousness in the right place, that’s where I approach it from. And that will take us All forward. Thanks F2B, for broadcasting to and for me. And for all the new friends!


    1. It’s funny, because I’m all about the consciousness thing because of the others. (Hate all our nomenclature for them…) It’s a story ilk tell some day. 🙂 Nothing big, just personal. 🙂 Agreement 🙂


  3. Thanks Alison for all your help on Twitter this Morning, now 26 minutes before Jimmy’s second full show Fade to Black on Spreaker. Thanks Alison. I agree with all you said.


  4. Between Fade to Black and the Fader community, a big void in daily life has been filled.

    Jimmy is absolutely THE best at what he does, and I’m just so glad that his show exists.

    Cheers to Jimmy & crew!


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