Who’s version of what?

rabbit4Tuesday, February 10, 2015

8:34 AM

Now that we have instant access to everything on the world-wide-web, every piece of information you ever wanted to look up is at your fingertips, as well as every piece if disinformation cloaked as information. So, who’s version of what is real? Or who’s piece of what info is the real part, wrapped up in hooha?


I suppose the Infamous ‘They’ (that would be IT, abbreviated….lmao) knew that there would be some of us who would just not cave to the plan. And so, ‘they’ had to come up with a much more devious plan. We would be the ones that have an education, and yet were not caged by that education, that have open minds and are independent thinkers, just fringe enough to never get truly caught in the matrix of mind garbage ‘they’ designed for us. rabbit3You know, the white bird in a silver cage, or the cat in the box, or the play the game or be labeled crazy plan, or the over load of so much conflicting data on all fronts plan that there is no way to do anything except wait…. What is that old computer saying: GIGO Garbage In-Garbage Out. Are we fighting that battle? Is anyone qualified enough to sort that out? Even with vetting the info with three unrelated sources? Wouldn’t ‘they’ plan for that too?


I remember back in the day, in the late 50’s and early 60’s when the only way you got your information was if it was published. The quickest way was in fun journals like “Popular Mechanics” or Asimov’s or any of the monthly, bi-weekly publications. Or the books. rabbit2They were good back then. You bought them and studied them and wrote in the margins and took notes, and saw where it led you. Today, on the net, one step will land down a rabbit hole that may or may not be real. It’s like stepping through a door way into an alternate universe that ‘they’ have concocted just for you with tunnels and warrens and cliffs and dead ends, kind of reminds me of the first edition of the computer game Zork.


I know I’m ranting. But here’s the thing, I have heard that the ‘real’ truth is so far out of the box that not only can we NOT conceive of it, it is so very different as to be almost impossible to conceive of, like the inside of an alien mind with no cultural or otherwise referents that we can use to grasp an idea with. rabbit5But maybe that too is just part of the game plan… I am so frustrated with all of it that I am about ready to turn my back say Pfffft! and walk away.


But maybe that is also part of the plan…..

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