Quantum EU

zpmA z-pinch and ZedPM (zero point power module) are the same things. If every phenomena in the manifested and non-manifested universe is a wave form, depending on the frequency you are working in, when you pinch the field, you get different results.

zpinch1Out in space, pinch the plasma field and you get a magnetic field that collects matter (because the pinch makes the plasma become denser than it was and all plasma carries matter due to its charge and when it condenses matter accumulates in one spot…. Etc.….) and baango! You have a star.

In the lab, a simple experiment shows what a z-pinch looks like.  Look straight down through one bell shape to another and you see a spiral.


On another frequency squeeze the field and you get electrical energy streams that we can use (ZPM). On another frequency, squeeze the field and you get thought… At every frequency and any harmonic, squeeze the field and stuff happens. Life is a z-pinch also, because it is manifested. The-Electric-UniverseConsciousness IS the unified field. (yes, that would imply every structure has a form of awareness, (I didn’t say intelligence) the universe, the galaxies, the stars, the planets, the life on them, even rocks. Basic Zen Theory here.)

Very old adage: Energy Follows Thought. It is a prime creator, and just because we don’t understand the mechanism doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It makes me want to know what thoughts our Sol thinks… and my dogs, and just about everything else. Even plants, we all know they respond to positive thought? universeEver wondered why? Because everything has its own electromagnetic field and it all interacts. I personally think that consciousness is what brings coherence and structure to the electricity underling all manifestation, or it wouldn’t be here.

Hows that for Fringe??

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