Memes: Cultural Software

It is important to note that part of the ‘Damned Quantum Box’ is our cultural environment. Within that environment Memes operate like viruses, spreading non local ideas in short visual or auditory bites. Jimmy Meme: this 2 seconds of sound will tell you everything we as faders need to know:

Just like this image imparts several types information also:georgio They are part of our cultural software, a term coined by Jack Balkin. They supply short bits of information to us about our environment and can transmit it to others just as fast. It is interesting that we are becoming a people of information bites. “Just give me enough information to get it, nothing in depth please…”   It’s also been called thought contagion, we all know what it’s like to get an ‘ear-worm’, or have an idea stuck in your head all day…. These are some of the very subtle ways that we are being culturally tuned without even noticing it, to each other and by each other. Information transmission isn’t a bad thing. In today’s world it is almost instantaneous, effortless, almost unnoticed….   It is also scary. It has become very easy for anybody/thing to feed us information, right wrong or indifferent that we ingest whole sale in small little unnoticeable bites until one day we look up and ask ourselves, how did I get here?   So while we are aware of the wholesale big lies and stupid media, we also need to watch for the small little viruses, and at least be able to see them for what they are, or one day we will be fully replete with nonsense…. Just a thought.>

“It was Aliens!”


When we are trying to look beyond the current frontier, we can sometimes come off looking like woowoo nuts. But when you are fortunate enough to be able to take a rock hard science genre like archeology and find within it the evidence that leads you to the frontier, you are golden.


The research that Giorgio has done is truly laid in stone for all to see. Where the evidence leads and the fact that mainstream academia can’t wrap its closed system around it is not our problem. Once any system can no longer adapt it crystalizes, and shatters (I’m just waiting). It is then up to we fringe, we faders and all people of our ilk to carry on, and to follow where the path leads like intrepid explorers. And those of us who have nothing to prove can follow with impunity to undreamt of new horizons.


I personally think that what we have left are many civilizations, in layers that one by one were destroyed by a series of catastrophes that are important for us to remember, or once again, it will be our fate. Sometimes I don’t think the PTB (powers that be) are actually keeping information from us, I think they are in just as much denial about the possibilities as we are. At least the mid-level PTB. We turn our eyes from the possible with the faint remnants of memory in the back of our minds of an earlier time that we choose to not remember, in hopes that the bright new day will make it all better. I would hope that we have not stuck our collective heads in the sand too long, because at some point you have to come out and accept the facts and really heal to get on with the business of living and life.


What Giorgio has done is laid it all out on the table and said, “Look at this, do you see?” And as a good researcher, he does not preach, he merely shows us the facts, written in stone. It is for us to take up the weirdness and run with it. And when we get there, then I suppose the weird and woowoo stuff will begin to look more like science than it does today. Because all information builds on what came before it, until we all pass that place of looking at what is right before our eyes, and knowing it for what it is, we will not be able to see beyond it to the next great thing.

Kudos Giorgio! For literally laying the ground work, in stone and showing us the way.   P.S. Giorgio’s hair is something of a cultural directional Meme, in that because of his hair, and the iconic statement “It was Aliens!” everyone who has seen this is now aware of aliens! Job Done!!!

What are we/Who are we?

What is it that makes consciousness the unified field? Why is it that when you have a coherent field it becomes self-aware? big blueEven when it is only a linkage of 357 computers called Big Blue? by Richard Alan Miller, or as some posit, the intelligence of the self-aware internet?

IF we are made of Star Stuff…. Then maybe we are the same as stars… in that for matter to appear, you have to have a z-pinch in the electrical lines of force underlying the structure of the universe, and as above, so below – it is a strata-wide phenomena. vortex2(The Z-pinch is an application of the Lorentz force, in which a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field experiences a force. From <> ) For matter to appear; you have a convergence of electrical force – gravity, creating matter. That would make us a wave form. (1)

But what makes a z-pinch wave form hold coherence (be attractive/be a magnet/conductor)? And hold it over a period of perceived time?? Gravity, which is only left over electrical charge in the structure of matter, maybe? And as that perceived time goes on that z-pinch/coherence gains awareness and wakes up???The-Electric-Universe Becomes self-aware, realizing it realizes? It is posited by everybody who can think that the planets and suns are self-aware beings. Being a point along the frequency of a strand of electric forces that glows/attracts/ and gains coherence, and upon reaching a certain density of attraction wakes up? BUT HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN????

Being awake and self-aware then, the answer to the question should be self-evident by self-examination, and yet it is NOT. AND in the middle of that quandary lies the answer to HOW an entire race could be self-aware and yet not know how it happened. When we solve this is when we will truly be free to change state – up our frequency or not as we wish and know the touch of all else that is. And this IS what the ET’s md8( extraterrestrial in the true sense, meaning not from the planet earth) know how to do that we don’t. They are no stranger to the frequency modulation of their z-pinch. AND they use this to travel, to hide, appear and disappear at will…. (2) Further, there are intelligences out there that don’t look like us or think like us, like the sun and planets and their progeny, like the Ring Makers, that most people have never thought about. (

An idea I heard last week has intrigued me; (3) that monoliths and megaliths were built in part where they were built to stabilize the earth’s vibrational frequency, or as some posit to keep it at a level where it is preventing our evolution, and in a way that is why so many of them no longer ‘work’monolith and are partially dismantled. Which would segway beautifully into the new tech ideas of EMF’s inundating modern life controlling and modifying us in subtle (or so WE think/perceive) ways to keeps us frequency contained. BUT ONLY because we have agreed to NOT know this piece of information as a whole planet…. Well, most of us, that is.

Add to this the solar wars theory and those who threw the Prime Directive out with the bath water and just came here anyway, and you have a very confusing, convoluted picture of what’s both inside and outside of who we really are. But I am coming to gather that it really is more about frequency, electricity and the birthing of awareness than it is anything else. I wish I knew. It’s on my bucket list…. :





portal Wake’in up Yes, it’s all connected. If you have had an experience of anything, in any way, out of the normal BOX that society likes to squish us all into, you are being invited to; wake up. We are quantum beings. We are born that way, with our skills and extended vision and feelings intact. In the struggle to decode the three dimensional world we stepped into at the moment of birth, to learn how to use this vehicle, the body we grew, we forget. Then, all of us being born into this increasingly concretized world we have, are TOLD straight out that our gifts are rubbish, to forget them, that daydreamers and imaginers go nowhere in this world. If, IF, we are lucky enough we have an experience that reminds us of who we really are and we wake up, we remember that we don’t stop at our skin.

Might I remind all of those who are my age and who grew up during the hippie era, that that idea set out to become the biggest cultural reminder of who we were and was intentionally destroyed by the ones who wanted us to keep our heads in a hole in the ground. nowar4And yet, for an idea whose time had come, it found other ways to leach into our culture, through things like the personal awareness movement of the 80’s, the popularization of eastern and oriental disciplines like Yoga and Martial Arts. Even the new age movement that was taken over and became just that much more busy mind stuff to keep us all distracted, at the core of it, had the message; “YOU ARE MORE THAN JUST YOUR BODY”

The message was about just playing with that idea, so we could arrive at today whenpersongate we need to say that it’s all about consciousness, and that not only were we all born awake, we have some pretty sophisticated biological machinery in us that still works and when used can take us to the stars and beyond should   we   choose   to learn   how   to   use   it.

Dr. Mack, Dr. Lyn, FREE, Dr. Greer are all the harbingers of what is to come. They are creating the road map we all need to pay attention to. WE need to listen and help and play with these ideas ourselves for as one does this, it makes it easier for the next through resonance. Carry ON Faders! I’ve said it before, I will say it a million more times:stand3


Once upon a time…..

mabQueen Mag was the Ruler of the Sirius star system. She had a regent named Anu. Anu kept order between all the trading houses in that sector of the galaxy.  Anu had two sons, by separate mothers,enkienlil Enki and Enlil. Enki was somewhat of a renegade and Enlil followed the rules. Enki’s mother was a high Draco Ce-a-Kar. (cherubim) Her wings were glorious sheathes of energy that extended out from her heart and way up above her head in wonderous wings1waves of iridescent colors. Her DNA was totally en-souled, radiant and possessing of immense gifts and power which she passed on to her children.

Enlil’s DNA, on the other hand, was from Queen Mag. She was a Seraphim. Her peoples had tried to speed up their evolution by combining machines in their biology. This made them very telepathic and fiercely survivalistic, borgbut in the process they lost all the organic passion they once had. They fell in their evolution and became the Nephilim because their DNA en-soulment was bred out of them. They found a solution however in eating monoatomic gold. This sped up their DNA only as long as they had a steady diet of it. It was a very addicting substance, not only for the powers it gave them, but also because it was like heroin, the cells of their bodies cried out for it if they didn’t have it.

They created a great traveling mining machine to roam the galaxy and find the raw materials needed to create the elixir of awareness that kept their souls alive. niribuThey called it Niribu. One day, they found a tremendous source of their raw material, gold, in a planet in a solar system in an outer arm of the galaxy. Anu decided to send his two sons to manage it, as it would bring him and them great wealth.

So…. Enlil the rule observer and Enki the rule breaker were set down on earth to set up mining operations and production of their elixir. It wasn’t long before as the story goes, everybody rebelled at all the work and Enlil asked Anu if they could build cyborg workers, in the manner of his mother’s people. Anu acquiesced and the Takadami was born. They were, however, infertile, and broke down and died, a lot. So it was decided to make these worker cyborgs self-replicating. Enki feeling some shade of empathy (awakened DNA) for these creations snuck his own DNA in the mix by using his own sperm. So that this would not be discovered, Enki took his creations to Atlantis, for they now had active DNA.

Enlil’s people began to understand that they needed something and the concept of external fire took hold in their hearts. They searched for someone to show them, to give them what they needed, to give them fire in the heart. They followed Enlil and his associates as if they were gods. Enlil and his cohorts fed upon their adoration.

persongateEnki’s line of people had alive, en-souled DNA with more spin, which allowed them to travel through (literally through the center of) the stars to other places. Enlil’s people were trapped on the mining outpost and have been like prisoners there for eons after Enlil and Enki left.

It was noticed that these people were waking up and through the centuries their DNA was evolving. Many races kept watch for this was the perfect experiment. It was hoped that evolution would progress to a point that would allow adequate awareness to proceed before they advanced into the rest of space, for they were a warring planet.ufo When it looked like they were going to advance into the rest of space with their warring tendencies and their weapons that ripped the fabric of space, they were inhibited. They were contacted and shepherded in the hopes that they could be pushed in the right direction.

Life will evolve. While most but not all of Enki’s people left, some stayed and interbred, slowing the active DNA considerably, but not completely. Advancement crept along at a snail’s pace, but improving, none the less. dnaWhile DNA can fall, evolution is an imperative. It is with the knowledge that these people will one day emerge from their isolation of their own accord, that the rest of the galaxy waits upon.

The Ring Makers of Saturn

ring1Just a short little ‘think’ about this. I was reading a pdf of Norm Bergrun’s “The Ring Makers of Saturn” when a though occurred to me. He talks about the ‘ships’ as being electromagnetic vehicles…. Well, so are we. And in his descriptions of these ships, plus his analysis of the Voyager 1 & 2 pictures, plus Cassini’s, what impressed me was their organic structure and nature. Although Norm goes into great detail with his measurements and diagrams, the idea that they are not ‘made’ by intelligence never occurs to him. He says from their planar shapes that these are created by intelligence. I propose that they ARE intelligence.

These are two of his reconstructions of what he thinks the ships forms are. It just struck me as very organic….ring4ring5

So I propose that they are not ships; they are life forms. Saturn is their nursery and they are so immense and different from what we consider life forms, that they are not even aware of us. They are enormous electromagnetic plasma life forms, going about their merry way out there being born, living, eating, procreating and dying out in the rings of Saturn. ring3If they were made of electromagnetic energy as he says they are, then Saturn has plenty of that. Who knows after they get big enough they might even leave Saturn and go elsewhere. My question is, why can’t they be life forms and not ships?

Denial: The elephant in your living room, or the alien on the Whitehouse lawn, take your pick

Guys, guys, guys, they all know. We know. Everybody (wink wink) knows. They just won’t say it #f2B

From <>


de·ni·al dəˈnīəl/ noun noun: denial

the action of declaring something to be untrue. “she shook her head in denial

    1. synonyms:

the refusal of something requested or desired. “the denial of insurance to people with certain medical conditions”

    • synonyms:

a statement that something is not true. plural noun: denials “official denials”

    • synonyms:

From <>

 Denial is a characteristic distortion in thinking experienced by people with alcoholism (read: who LIE). For decades, people who treat liars, and recovering liars themselves, have puzzled over why liars continue to lie when the link between lying and the losses they suffer is so clear. Denial is an integral part of the disease of lying and a major obstacle to recovery. Although the term “denial” is not specifically used in the wording of the diagnostic criteria, it underlies the primary symptom described as lying despite adverse consequences. (I have substituted the word Lie/Liar/lying in place of the words alcohol/alcoholic /alcoholism)

From <>



Enabling behavior can take many different forms, but it all has the effect of shielding the alcoholic/addict/LIAR from the consequences of their own actions.  Enabling behavior encourages lying because the liar knows that – no matter how much they screw up – someone will be there to rescue them from their mistakes. As long as an alcoholic/addict/liar has enablers in place, they’ll be able to deny that they have a problem, because they never suffer consequences from their irresponsible, reckless actions.

From <>

Being the gov’t they have even coined a spin term for their reprehensible behavior: Truth Embargo. Which is a manipulation tactic used by addicts to convince the people around them that they are the crazy ones, not the liar.


noun ˈtrüth

the truth : the real facts about something : the things that are true

: the quality or state of being true

: a statement or idea that is true or accepted as true

From <>


em·bar·go əmˈbärɡō/ noun noun: embargo an official ban on

    • synonyms:


  1. 2. archaic seize (a ship or goods) for state service

From <>

My point about all this is that after last night It became clear that the people who are keeping this information from us are very similar to alcoholics. They hide, cover up and otherwise misinform us in the same complex patterns that addict employs to hide their drinking. Not only that, we have, some of us like the sheeple of the world become enablers, allowing them to hide their drug of choice under the kitchen sink, or under the car seat, or in the back of the cabinet in the bathroom. We know it is there, but don’t know what to do to make the user admit to it, and realizing that in so doing, so much will change that we are not sure that we really, really want it to.

What will eventually happen because of the years of abuse and entrenchment in this pattern of behavior is that, like all addicts, things will have to crash. The addict will have to hit bottom, and unfortunately it might, probably will, take us with them. We are as heavily involved in the addictive process as they are.

Either that or we are as a nation going to have to have an intervention for our gov’t. But until then, it is like the proverbialpink e lr pink elephant (think alien) sitting in the living room, that nobody wants to acknowledge is there. HOWEVER those of you who do know and are trying our darndest to wake up others, have a tremendous ally in people like James Fox who has wrapped up all the pertinent information in wonderful packages like ‘I know what I saw’ now on UFOTV. ( ) and people like Kerry Cassidy who do the down and dirty work ferreting out facts from rabbit holes so deep that even the staunchest person can get the willies, and Jimmy Church who informs us and lays out the puzzle pieces on the card table, just waiting to go together. Then there are us, the Fader Minions. Working in our everyday worlds to inform and enlighten those around us.

If we can wake more of the general populace up, if we can educate them, then there just might be a chance for that intervention before it’s too late….I hope


The Active Side of Infinity: Part Deu

I know I have posted about us humans being born with our own quantum gates in place and ready to not empty I have also been whining about the “damned quantum box” – a lot. I have linked consciousness to awareness and to GMO’s and fluoride and the pineal gland and food and meditation and choice.

Just as in EU theory when the filaments of electric force come together and get tightly packed, like in a z-pinch they start to glow. Carlos talks about this glow of awareness that we all have that when viewed through unfettered eyes looks like a z-pinch. He talks about our personal referent point in this look_here3D world we all share as being the anchor that we use to stay here. In his explanation to travel to or go through your personal portal, you simply move your personal referent point. So you take that glowing place that is glowing because all the electric strands that are you have come together in one place and you move it. Maybe only 6 degrees to the side and Voila! You are somewhere else, either along this time line back and forth, or some other planet, place on earth or dimension.

It takes practice to hold your referent point in a place different from your natural place, staregate amn2and then it takes practice to not get lost and bring it back to where it needs to be. You can travel through this referent point and physically end up somewhere else too. By changing its contact point with the universe, you change where you manifest. You can also step out of time this way and back into time. Sound quantum-ish to anybody?

This is very hard to do for us regular kind of people because we have very little awareness. We are sedated and asleep. Sound familiar? This was published in 1998 as his last book. But these ideas began with his first book in 1960. Nobody had ever heard of a ‘Flyer’ or ‘Mud Shadow’ back then, or an Archon. Carlos calls these ‘Flyers’ parasites. He says they feed on our awareness, our glowing fuzzy coat of electronic fur on the outside of our z-pinch . When we are born, it is bright and long and alive, but that as we progress through adulthood, all the aforementioned things that shut us down and make us sheeple also kill this coat, along with the parasites who feed off of it. Wmud shadowe exist, barely alive because of this. Man happens to be the only thing on this planet that has this furry electric awareness coat on the outside of the glow that the z-pinch creates. In all the rest of everything living on earth the awareness is shielded.

These inorganic beings are very different from us. (1) They are so alien that they have no comprehension of humanity, of Ubuntu. In his explanation of the flyer/archons, they have given us their mind, which he calls the foreign installation. Meaning we are of two minds, not right and left brain, but one indigenous and one alien. This foreign installation has given us our

  • Beliefs
  • Good/evil
  • Social mores
  • Hopes-expectations
  • Successes and failures
  • Covetousness and greed
  • Cowardice
  • Complacent, ruinous, maniacal ego

This is the loud voice that makes an accounting of what you need to do, accomplish during the day and is concerned with what others think of you and it drives you to do insane things like treat others nasty when you are having a bad day…. Etc. It has made us morose and filled with fear of discovery at any minute – which is what they feel. They create situations in us that make those fields flare because we mistake the alien mind as our own, so it matters… and then they eat it.


He says that the only way to get rid of these parasites is to find the quiet, true mind that lies deeper in you. And once you do, the longer you can stay there the more repugnant you taste to these flyers. Then the flyers mind, the foreign installation flees forever. So that small still voice down deep inside of you, is your own voice! And when you can get rid of them your awareness grows that furry electric coating, and you become able to see and know what has been hidden from you – explode your quantum box, so to speak!

This jives with just about everything else I have read on the archons. He also mentions that there are a lot of inorganic beings on this earth and a lot that visit that are not archons, and do not act like them either, but that the flyers are the easiest to see because they are indigenous to this planet.

I find it interesting that he was talking about the electric nature of the universe way before anybody put that together, and that he was pretty accurate about it too. If you read his short bio on Wiki, he reads like a nicer Crowley. At the end of his life he was living with several women, who after his death, one by one went into the desert and were found years later, dead, bones in the sand. (There’s a really interesting story there, I think


(1) interesting side note to this: Six Kinds of Flyers

Close but no (maybe some) cigars?


The recent interview of Karmeran Fally by Kerry Cassidy has set me thinking . kameranThis man is a deep thinker and he is very intelligent, maybe bordering on genius. His ideas come so close to linking it all up that they have become suspect, just because it all fits too well, like he found the intersect, the z pinch, that connect all the rabbit holes I’ve been down. (And just last night I was screaming to myself that I wished I could get it all to fit together!)

He starts out by illustrating how middle eastern politics directly derive from the Anunnaki invasion and how it all has evolved into what is happening today. (Think Jason Martell, Wednesday night and the Atri Hasis Epic.)jason It is what he calls the Old ‘Elam’ religion. The divisions of the Sufi’s Kurds, Muslim’s can be traced to geographical regions that are not the way the land is divided up today. (Think Tuesday night and Peter Levenda) And these all have a religious significance that westerners fail to notice. Elam is the whole of southern Iraq. The Prophesy of Elam is the Zionist story.

Then in the middle of the explanation Kerry asked him who started it and he began to explain this: Current factions – masonry – Illuminati – satanists – 9 families – old ET’s – The Patel when you look it up is only defined as the governor of a specific area that produces crops ( Think Gobekli Tepe and the known beginning of agriculture). His definition of Patel works out to be progenitor, or / the Source: the Bet Allah. The whole of creation is an answer to the question “If this happens, then what would take place?” All possibilities are then acted out. Which makes the human race an answer…

Amazingly he then links this to banking by illustrating how certain middle east countries are kept back from moving forward by how the world bank is controlling their money through credit procedures, which makes sense.hudes (Think Karen Hudes) Which brings us to the two Time Lines and how time is created from the future backwards….

This is done by using language by speaking immutable words dragonfly(Think Caret tech) that set up blocks/anchor points through which time lines must flow, like the Bible and the Koran. By so directing time lines you can force them through funnels or gates where major events are created that bring similar timelines close together. We just passed through a gate: 2012. It supposedly is impossible to see what lies beyond a gate until you pass through it, because during a gate transit many things can be changed or rearranged in the time lines. So, if you want a certain outcome in the future, you must ask the gods/source/(your preferred name) what pre-events need to be set up as anchor points to direct the time line in the direction you wish it to go and then endeavor to create these events. For the last 10, 000 years or so, somebody(s) has done this and we have reached the gate and are in it now and we shall see how it all plays out. He says that this is how time line 2 with the greys gets created.

He goes on to illustrate how the aliens fit into this equation, how Planet X has been planned for and when it will appear, which he puts as sometime in August 2016 and then says when we come out the other end, our planet will have rings to deal with the excess iron oxides that Planet X will throw off because it’s actually a brown dwarf. thunderbolts(Think EU Theory) ….THEN he goes on to talk about how our galaxy is actually a corrugated ring. Links that to the magnetic pole reversal and the intelligence of the sun and planets and how all the planets of the solar system are much more active than earth, because they are waiting for planet x to come by and shield us because we are on earth and she considers us and the life here as precious.

My point? There was very little he forgot to hook up from all of the theories floating around out there in ‘fringe land’ which makes me very suspicious because it all fit tooooooooooo well. It was Terrifying in its possibilities as well as settling because he gave a time line. It’s almost too good to be true…. All this morass of information all cohesively fitting together.  So, he’s a genius for making it fit all together and a great lot of it may be true, but all of it? Who knows?And then it all settled in and I thought,

” Waitaminit!”

Guess we’ll find out in a little over a year.

Some links Dan Burisch 1 Dan Burisch 2 Dan Burisch3 pole reversal pole reversal pole reversal solar system planetary changes please be sure to look at the links below this video.

The Active Side of Infinity

carlosThe Active Side of Infinity

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

4:10 PM

I am actively engaged in reading “The Active Side of Infinity” by Carlos Castaneda. With synchronistic grace it is speaking to the tracks my mind had been running in lately about trying to perceive outside of the matrix, outside of the quantum box. Carlos wrote: ‘It is the nature of Infinity, once we cross a certain threshold, to put a blueprint in front of us.” (smiles) He also states that: “the point of becoming one with infinity is to make the inconceivable available.”


There is a difference between being aware and being deliberately conscious. This is important in the light of the last two articles I put up by Cameron Day. He makes sense of what I am only capable of ranting about just like Carlos talks about having to let your inner continuity to break in order to disassemble your world concept to the point that you can see around it. This turns out to be a highly personal journey, the way that John Anthony West was speaking about it last night at the end of the broadcast. You almost have to break your own paradigm to be able to look around it and see what it is hiding. This seems like it may be difficult, but I think it may be do-able.


I am only a third of the way through this book and already the parallels are astounding. In one place Carlos talks about the Universe being composed of an infinite number of energy fields that exist as luminous filaments. These filaments act on man as an organism, turning into sensory data that we interpret becoming our cognitive system. Well, those filaments sound an AWEFULL lot like the underlying plasma filaments that the electric universe theory guys say the universe is built on…..filement At least it does to me, and I am pretty done being judged by people who want to find fault with my finding similarities and patterns where none should exist…. Because I have decided if it makes sense to me, that is all that matters. I am on an intensely personal hunt for the thread of obviousness that talks to me. And that is because of all the conflicting stories and theories and gurus and knowers that all say for a small $fee$ I can help you find the truth, or you can buy it from me…. LMAO and Pfffft! ~~~~~~~~~~~~* (to quote WoWo) So I want, no, I need to think as inclusively and openly as I can manage, and then try harder, or I will never even catch an inkling of what I am looking for.


Further, this is the book that Carlos writes about the dark people and the Mud Bugs (archons) and it’s at the end…. So I am reading frantically. Further this book belongs to a friend and in 8 wks I must give it back, so, I’m taking notes. No surprise there. To my delight and glee and astonishment however, it is speaking to me as if it came out of my inner mind to answer some very important questions. I’ll keep you all up dated.