Cameron Day: How Do I Discern the Real from False?

So, another one from Cameron Day. Interesting fellow.

The question was asked, “How do you personally discern what is benevolent when there is so much disinformation out there?”
My response:  All beings who are channeling claim to be loving beings of light.  The controlling factions within the Corrupt Demiurge have set up a “light and dark” duality paradigm, and there are controller beings who are of a (false) light energy.  It is light, but in compared to Infinite Source or the Universal Prime Creator, it is like a CFL light bulb compared to the light of the sun.  No contest.
But since we’ve been suffocated by darkness for so long, we’re desperate for any light.  That’s how they want it, so that we will accept their controlled light and not seek out the true light of Infinite Source.  This is the ultimate, multi-dimensional scam.
For these reasons, I don’t work with “angels” or “ascended masters.”  I stick with the Earth, Sun, Galactic Core, Universal Prime Creator and Infinite Source as my main connection points.
I do get assistance beings that I call the True Forces of Universal Divine Light, who are directly connected to Infinite Source and Universal Prime Creator.  I don’t channel them, or set them above me.  Beings that are aligned with the divine light of Infinite Source have no need for hierarchy or being worshiped. They know that you and they are the SAME, just choosing different expressions.

As for how to discern, it has taken me years of meditation, focus, and questioning everything.  For a while I was fooled by the “controlled light” and was doing “missions” for them in my dream state.  Because I have excellent dream recall, and could tell the difference between missions and regular dreams, I eventually wised up to the fact that they weren’t really trying to liberate humanity, and when I probed the reasons why, I learned that they are just the right hand of the same “beast” that pretends to oppose the dark, and I went beyond their paradigm.

Here’s the real trick about ascension:  We are already “there” but we need to stop identifying with all of the limitations, blockages, implants, illusions and spells that have been cast upon us.  When we do that, we find that Infinite Source was *right there* all along.  Of course, the “dispelling” takes a lot of work. 🙂
Much Love,
Cameron Day

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