The Active Side of Infinity

carlosThe Active Side of Infinity

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

4:10 PM

I am actively engaged in reading “The Active Side of Infinity” by Carlos Castaneda. With synchronistic grace it is speaking to the tracks my mind had been running in lately about trying to perceive outside of the matrix, outside of the quantum box. Carlos wrote: ‘It is the nature of Infinity, once we cross a certain threshold, to put a blueprint in front of us.” (smiles) He also states that: “the point of becoming one with infinity is to make the inconceivable available.”


There is a difference between being aware and being deliberately conscious. This is important in the light of the last two articles I put up by Cameron Day. He makes sense of what I am only capable of ranting about just like Carlos talks about having to let your inner continuity to break in order to disassemble your world concept to the point that you can see around it. This turns out to be a highly personal journey, the way that John Anthony West was speaking about it last night at the end of the broadcast. You almost have to break your own paradigm to be able to look around it and see what it is hiding. This seems like it may be difficult, but I think it may be do-able.


I am only a third of the way through this book and already the parallels are astounding. In one place Carlos talks about the Universe being composed of an infinite number of energy fields that exist as luminous filaments. These filaments act on man as an organism, turning into sensory data that we interpret becoming our cognitive system. Well, those filaments sound an AWEFULL lot like the underlying plasma filaments that the electric universe theory guys say the universe is built on…..filement At least it does to me, and I am pretty done being judged by people who want to find fault with my finding similarities and patterns where none should exist…. Because I have decided if it makes sense to me, that is all that matters. I am on an intensely personal hunt for the thread of obviousness that talks to me. And that is because of all the conflicting stories and theories and gurus and knowers that all say for a small $fee$ I can help you find the truth, or you can buy it from me…. LMAO and Pfffft! ~~~~~~~~~~~~* (to quote WoWo) So I want, no, I need to think as inclusively and openly as I can manage, and then try harder, or I will never even catch an inkling of what I am looking for.


Further, this is the book that Carlos writes about the dark people and the Mud Bugs (archons) and it’s at the end…. So I am reading frantically. Further this book belongs to a friend and in 8 wks I must give it back, so, I’m taking notes. No surprise there. To my delight and glee and astonishment however, it is speaking to me as if it came out of my inner mind to answer some very important questions. I’ll keep you all up dated.

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