The Active Side of Infinity: Part Deu

I know I have posted about us humans being born with our own quantum gates in place and ready to not empty I have also been whining about the “damned quantum box” – a lot. I have linked consciousness to awareness and to GMO’s and fluoride and the pineal gland and food and meditation and choice.

Just as in EU theory when the filaments of electric force come together and get tightly packed, like in a z-pinch they start to glow. Carlos talks about this glow of awareness that we all have that when viewed through unfettered eyes looks like a z-pinch. He talks about our personal referent point in this look_here3D world we all share as being the anchor that we use to stay here. In his explanation to travel to or go through your personal portal, you simply move your personal referent point. So you take that glowing place that is glowing because all the electric strands that are you have come together in one place and you move it. Maybe only 6 degrees to the side and Voila! You are somewhere else, either along this time line back and forth, or some other planet, place on earth or dimension.

It takes practice to hold your referent point in a place different from your natural place, staregate amn2and then it takes practice to not get lost and bring it back to where it needs to be. You can travel through this referent point and physically end up somewhere else too. By changing its contact point with the universe, you change where you manifest. You can also step out of time this way and back into time. Sound quantum-ish to anybody?

This is very hard to do for us regular kind of people because we have very little awareness. We are sedated and asleep. Sound familiar? This was published in 1998 as his last book. But these ideas began with his first book in 1960. Nobody had ever heard of a ‘Flyer’ or ‘Mud Shadow’ back then, or an Archon. Carlos calls these ‘Flyers’ parasites. He says they feed on our awareness, our glowing fuzzy coat of electronic fur on the outside of our z-pinch . When we are born, it is bright and long and alive, but that as we progress through adulthood, all the aforementioned things that shut us down and make us sheeple also kill this coat, along with the parasites who feed off of it. Wmud shadowe exist, barely alive because of this. Man happens to be the only thing on this planet that has this furry electric awareness coat on the outside of the glow that the z-pinch creates. In all the rest of everything living on earth the awareness is shielded.

These inorganic beings are very different from us. (1) They are so alien that they have no comprehension of humanity, of Ubuntu. In his explanation of the flyer/archons, they have given us their mind, which he calls the foreign installation. Meaning we are of two minds, not right and left brain, but one indigenous and one alien. This foreign installation has given us our

  • Beliefs
  • Good/evil
  • Social mores
  • Hopes-expectations
  • Successes and failures
  • Covetousness and greed
  • Cowardice
  • Complacent, ruinous, maniacal ego

This is the loud voice that makes an accounting of what you need to do, accomplish during the day and is concerned with what others think of you and it drives you to do insane things like treat others nasty when you are having a bad day…. Etc. It has made us morose and filled with fear of discovery at any minute – which is what they feel. They create situations in us that make those fields flare because we mistake the alien mind as our own, so it matters… and then they eat it.


He says that the only way to get rid of these parasites is to find the quiet, true mind that lies deeper in you. And once you do, the longer you can stay there the more repugnant you taste to these flyers. Then the flyers mind, the foreign installation flees forever. So that small still voice down deep inside of you, is your own voice! And when you can get rid of them your awareness grows that furry electric coating, and you become able to see and know what has been hidden from you – explode your quantum box, so to speak!

This jives with just about everything else I have read on the archons. He also mentions that there are a lot of inorganic beings on this earth and a lot that visit that are not archons, and do not act like them either, but that the flyers are the easiest to see because they are indigenous to this planet.

I find it interesting that he was talking about the electric nature of the universe way before anybody put that together, and that he was pretty accurate about it too. If you read his short bio on Wiki, he reads like a nicer Crowley. At the end of his life he was living with several women, who after his death, one by one went into the desert and were found years later, dead, bones in the sand. (There’s a really interesting story there, I think


(1) interesting side note to this: Six Kinds of Flyers

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