Once upon a time…..

mabQueen Mag was the Ruler of the Sirius star system. She had a regent named Anu. Anu kept order between all the trading houses in that sector of the galaxy.  Anu had two sons, by separate mothers,enkienlil Enki and Enlil. Enki was somewhat of a renegade and Enlil followed the rules. Enki’s mother was a high Draco Ce-a-Kar. (cherubim) Her wings were glorious sheathes of energy that extended out from her heart and way up above her head in wonderous wings1waves of iridescent colors. Her DNA was totally en-souled, radiant and possessing of immense gifts and power which she passed on to her children.

Enlil’s DNA, on the other hand, was from Queen Mag. She was a Seraphim. Her peoples had tried to speed up their evolution by combining machines in their biology. This made them very telepathic and fiercely survivalistic, borgbut in the process they lost all the organic passion they once had. They fell in their evolution and became the Nephilim because their DNA en-soulment was bred out of them. They found a solution however in eating monoatomic gold. This sped up their DNA only as long as they had a steady diet of it. It was a very addicting substance, not only for the powers it gave them, but also because it was like heroin, the cells of their bodies cried out for it if they didn’t have it.

They created a great traveling mining machine to roam the galaxy and find the raw materials needed to create the elixir of awareness that kept their souls alive. niribuThey called it Niribu. One day, they found a tremendous source of their raw material, gold, in a planet in a solar system in an outer arm of the galaxy. Anu decided to send his two sons to manage it, as it would bring him and them great wealth.

So…. Enlil the rule observer and Enki the rule breaker were set down on earth to set up mining operations and production of their elixir. It wasn’t long before as the story goes, everybody rebelled at all the work and Enlil asked Anu if they could build cyborg workers, in the manner of his mother’s people. Anu acquiesced and the Takadami was born. They were, however, infertile, and broke down and died, a lot. So it was decided to make these worker cyborgs self-replicating. Enki feeling some shade of empathy (awakened DNA) for these creations snuck his own DNA in the mix by using his own sperm. So that this would not be discovered, Enki took his creations to Atlantis, for they now had active DNA.

Enlil’s people began to understand that they needed something and the concept of external fire took hold in their hearts. They searched for someone to show them, to give them what they needed, to give them fire in the heart. They followed Enlil and his associates as if they were gods. Enlil and his cohorts fed upon their adoration.

persongateEnki’s line of people had alive, en-souled DNA with more spin, which allowed them to travel through (literally through the center of) the stars to other places. Enlil’s people were trapped on the mining outpost and have been like prisoners there for eons after Enlil and Enki left.

It was noticed that these people were waking up and through the centuries their DNA was evolving. Many races kept watch for this was the perfect experiment. It was hoped that evolution would progress to a point that would allow adequate awareness to proceed before they advanced into the rest of space, for they were a warring planet.ufo When it looked like they were going to advance into the rest of space with their warring tendencies and their weapons that ripped the fabric of space, they were inhibited. They were contacted and shepherded in the hopes that they could be pushed in the right direction.

Life will evolve. While most but not all of Enki’s people left, some stayed and interbred, slowing the active DNA considerably, but not completely. Advancement crept along at a snail’s pace, but improving, none the less. dnaWhile DNA can fall, evolution is an imperative. It is with the knowledge that these people will one day emerge from their isolation of their own accord, that the rest of the galaxy waits upon.

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