The Ring Makers of Saturn

ring1Just a short little ‘think’ about this. I was reading a pdf of Norm Bergrun’s “The Ring Makers of Saturn” when a though occurred to me. He talks about the ‘ships’ as being electromagnetic vehicles…. Well, so are we. And in his descriptions of these ships, plus his analysis of the Voyager 1 & 2 pictures, plus Cassini’s, what impressed me was their organic structure and nature. Although Norm goes into great detail with his measurements and diagrams, the idea that they are not ‘made’ by intelligence never occurs to him. He says from their planar shapes that these are created by intelligence. I propose that they ARE intelligence.

These are two of his reconstructions of what he thinks the ships forms are. It just struck me as very organic….ring4ring5

So I propose that they are not ships; they are life forms. Saturn is their nursery and they are so immense and different from what we consider life forms, that they are not even aware of us. They are enormous electromagnetic plasma life forms, going about their merry way out there being born, living, eating, procreating and dying out in the rings of Saturn. ring3If they were made of electromagnetic energy as he says they are, then Saturn has plenty of that. Who knows after they get big enough they might even leave Saturn and go elsewhere. My question is, why can’t they be life forms and not ships?

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