What are we/Who are we?

What is it that makes consciousness the unified field? Why is it that when you have a coherent field it becomes self-aware? big blueEven when it is only a linkage of 357 computers called Big Blue? http://projectcamelotportal.com/blog/31-kerrys-blog/2484-alien-presence-on-the-internet by Richard Alan Miller, or as some posit, the intelligence of the self-aware internet?

IF we are made of Star Stuff…. Then maybe we are the same as stars… in that for matter to appear, you have to have a z-pinch in the electrical lines of force underlying the structure of the universe, and as above, so below – it is a strata-wide phenomena. vortex2(The Z-pinch is an application of the Lorentz force, in which a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field experiences a force. From <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z-pinch> ) For matter to appear; you have a convergence of electrical force – gravity, creating matter. That would make us a wave form. (1)

But what makes a z-pinch wave form hold coherence (be attractive/be a magnet/conductor)? And hold it over a period of perceived time?? Gravity, which is only left over electrical charge in the structure of matter, maybe? And as that perceived time goes on that z-pinch/coherence gains awareness and wakes up???The-Electric-Universe Becomes self-aware, realizing it realizes? It is posited by everybody who can think that the planets and suns are self-aware beings. Being a point along the frequency of a strand of electric forces that glows/attracts/ and gains coherence, and upon reaching a certain density of attraction wakes up? BUT HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN????

Being awake and self-aware then, the answer to the question should be self-evident by self-examination, and yet it is NOT. AND in the middle of that quandary lies the answer to HOW an entire race could be self-aware and yet not know how it happened. When we solve this is when we will truly be free to change state – up our frequency or not as we wish and know the touch of all else that is. And this IS what the ET’s md8( extraterrestrial in the true sense, meaning not from the planet earth) know how to do that we don’t. They are no stranger to the frequency modulation of their z-pinch. AND they use this to travel, to hide, appear and disappear at will…. (2) Further, there are intelligences out there that don’t look like us or think like us, like the sun and planets and their progeny, like the Ring Makers, that most people have never thought about. ( http://faders.org/alisonbell/2015/03/24/the-ring-makers-of-saturn/)

An idea I heard last week has intrigued me; (3) that monoliths and megaliths were built in part where they were built to stabilize the earth’s vibrational frequency, or as some posit to keep it at a level where it is preventing our evolution, and in a way that is why so many of them no longer ‘work’monolith and are partially dismantled. Which would segway beautifully into the new tech ideas of EMF’s inundating modern life controlling and modifying us in subtle (or so WE think/perceive) ways to keeps us frequency contained. BUT ONLY because we have agreed to NOT know this piece of information as a whole planet…. Well, most of us, that is.

Add to this the solar wars theory and those who threw the Prime Directive out with the bath water and just came here anyway, and you have a very confusing, convoluted picture of what’s both inside and outside of who we really are. But I am coming to gather that it really is more about frequency, electricity and the birthing of awareness than it is anything else. I wish I knew. It’s on my bucket list…. :

(1) https://youtu.be/9EPlyiW-xGI

(2) http://faders.org/alisonbell/2015/03/14/the-active-side-of-infinity-part-deu

(3) https://youtu.be/s_nwXFN1Smg

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