“It was Aliens!”


When we are trying to look beyond the current frontier, we can sometimes come off looking like woowoo nuts. But when you are fortunate enough to be able to take a rock hard science genre like archeology and find within it the evidence that leads you to the frontier, you are golden.


The research that Giorgio has done is truly laid in stone for all to see. Where the evidence leads and the fact that mainstream academia can’t wrap its closed system around it is not our problem. Once any system can no longer adapt it crystalizes, and shatters (I’m just waiting). It is then up to we fringe, we faders and all people of our ilk to carry on, and to follow where the path leads like intrepid explorers. And those of us who have nothing to prove can follow with impunity to undreamt of new horizons.


I personally think that what we have left are many civilizations, in layers that one by one were destroyed by a series of catastrophes that are important for us to remember, or once again, it will be our fate. Sometimes I don’t think the PTB (powers that be) are actually keeping information from us, I think they are in just as much denial about the possibilities as we are. At least the mid-level PTB. We turn our eyes from the possible with the faint remnants of memory in the back of our minds of an earlier time that we choose to not remember, in hopes that the bright new day will make it all better. I would hope that we have not stuck our collective heads in the sand too long, because at some point you have to come out and accept the facts and really heal to get on with the business of living and life.


What Giorgio has done is laid it all out on the table and said, “Look at this, do you see?” And as a good researcher, he does not preach, he merely shows us the facts, written in stone. It is for us to take up the weirdness and run with it. And when we get there, then I suppose the weird and woowoo stuff will begin to look more like science than it does today. Because all information builds on what came before it, until we all pass that place of looking at what is right before our eyes, and knowing it for what it is, we will not be able to see beyond it to the next great thing.

Kudos Giorgio! For literally laying the ground work, in stone and showing us the way.   P.S. Giorgio’s hair is something of a cultural directional Meme, in that because of his hair, and the iconic statement “It was Aliens!” everyone who has seen this is now aware of aliens! Job Done!!!

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