Memes: Cultural Software

It is important to note that part of the ‘Damned Quantum Box’ is our cultural environment. Within that environment Memes operate like viruses, spreading non local ideas in short visual or auditory bites. Jimmy Meme: this 2 seconds of sound will tell you everything we as faders need to know:

Just like this image imparts several types information also:georgio They are part of our cultural software, a term coined by Jack Balkin. They supply short bits of information to us about our environment and can transmit it to others just as fast. It is interesting that we are becoming a people of information bites. “Just give me enough information to get it, nothing in depth please…”   It’s also been called thought contagion, we all know what it’s like to get an ‘ear-worm’, or have an idea stuck in your head all day…. These are some of the very subtle ways that we are being culturally tuned without even noticing it, to each other and by each other. Information transmission isn’t a bad thing. In today’s world it is almost instantaneous, effortless, almost unnoticed….   It is also scary. It has become very easy for anybody/thing to feed us information, right wrong or indifferent that we ingest whole sale in small little unnoticeable bites until one day we look up and ask ourselves, how did I get here?   So while we are aware of the wholesale big lies and stupid media, we also need to watch for the small little viruses, and at least be able to see them for what they are, or one day we will be fully replete with nonsense…. Just a thought.>

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