Resonance. Ok, I’m getting pretty tired of not being able to link all this together because nobody wants to cross boundaries into somebody else’s scientific territory, but I’m an idiot, so I can do it with impunity.


Mr. Schroeder says that gravity is created by exchange particle forces. In EU theory, they say about the same thing, but call it electromagnetic force: (Bob Schroeder Ep.33 Jimmy Church F2B

Exchange particle forces are electromagnetic sheaths with different charge. The particle movement in the Birkeland currents causes the particles to create their own magnetic field .birk Birkeland currents occur in pairs (Ampere’s force law.) They create long range attraction force from axial currents and short range repulsion from radial and spiral currents between filaments. This forms regional ‘cells’ of plasma out in space and areas where matter coalesces.

However I would be willing to bet that the spiral/radial currents are the particle accelerators that Bob is talking about that reduce the inertial mass of the craft to zero.tri


5D the BULK

Space time shrinks in strong gravity the BULK exists between two 3D brains. Shove off of the 3D sheet and into the 5D gravitic space the further in you go in, the more space you cover.5D

Vector in and vector out: 25 trillion mi. becomes 25 mi.




How do you vector? (Keith Hunter Harmonic Ratios in frequencies, distances, angular measurement define the way objects interrelateearthgeo to each other any measurement that can be divided by a whole number and get a whole number is extremely powerful due to harmonic resonance.

The bigger the arc, the more powerful the resonance. So the power needed to go in the bulk could be done with geometry between the earth and the sun.

The spinning ‘lights’ on UFO’s are these particle accelerators that create a negative field to the earths positive field making the craft weightless up close to the planet, they are also the drive used to go into the 5D BULK. toroidElectromagnetic force is weak locally and stronger with distance. Plasmoids are created from a z pinch compressing Birkeland currents into spherical or toroidal forms that drive rotation:

In EU theory the bulk would be plasma. Plasma is a highly electric conductive state of freely moving particles with electric charge. These particles self-organize into filamentary structures and cellular structures of varying The filaments braid into ropes of particles with opposite charge acting as power transmission lines. They create a signature network of magnetic fields


So basically, I’m beginning to think that the electro-gravitic theory and the Bulk are one and the same with Electric Universe theory and the underlying electric aether. As I was listening to Mr. Schroeder It struck me how similar it all sounded, and me not being a scientist of any kind, could make that leap….. I wonder if?

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