I Am An Idiot…. and other things

Resonance. Ok, I’m getting pretty tired of not being able to link all this together because nobody wants to cross boundaries into somebody else’s scientific territory, but I’m an idiot, so I can do it with impunity.rabbit5

After re-reading that article from yesterday, I realize that if you haven’t watched and listened to the interviews I have that it makes little to no sense, and for that I apologize. I get really excited when I see a crossover or branching in theories.

What I am basically trying to point out are the similarities in SO many theories. Everybody is basically trying to say the same thing, but they want to be the ‘famous’ one for saying it. I’m tired of all the Bull Shit. In a word. (well two words)

Doesn’t anybody see that we are NEVER going to get anywhere trying to be proprietary about all this? Gone are the Einstein days when one man can go down in history as the father of something and be great for all time. AND gone are the days when one man is going to get all the money from doing that. There will be no heroes, no mammoth minds that can accomplish this task without the help and input of others.

What we need today is synthesis of ideas, a mapping of intersections and a language that does not lock out other disciplines.distraction The ‘Mathmagicians’ can’t have it all, nor can the Spiritual Icons. There is a basic underlying subsystem that we are all over looking for a number of reasons. It’s time get over ourselves and look at what is really happening.

I look for patterns and similarities, and I can do that rather creatively because I have had no classical training of any kind. I used to drive my first husband crazy doing that. He was an engineer. But I can’t help it. When I find something that looks like it just may be a piece of the puzzle, I’ll jump disciplines, I’ll add apples and oranges, if it makes sense to me, only because I am tired of playing the mind games that say you can’t. It is so very like all the religions talking about god, (yes, little g) and then fighting over who’s is right. God (big G) should be an overarching concept in its purest form. Problem solved. That kind of thing. This bad-ass attitude, this 4 year old “Mine-mine!” mind set has got to go. We are all like the three blind men describing the elephant and it doesn’t have to be! We can open our eyes.

I know some of my articles are a bit obtuse, but I want to yell, “Lookit here!!!! Do you see this????”md14 When the similarities are overwhelming to me. I write to you guys because mostly you are all looking for the same thing and are willing to have your minds wide open. This doesn’t mean believing anything. This means just looking and seeing what you see too.

So, my Faders, keep your eyes open and keep looking up!


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