Kerry recently interviewed Bob Dunn and Richard Alan Miller. Mr. Miller is a born a again, and Richard, well Richard will always be Richard. They both talked about the plethora of evidence that there are objects out in space that are NOT normally there. Which led into the End-of-Times discussion. Both of these men seem to think that we are on the BRINK of something.

I have heard talk of this since the 1980’s. I knew about it as a child and rejected it then. I had tapes in the 80’s explaining the ‘New Map” of the U.S. There was doom and gloom this and prep/prepare that. new usThen I did some research on it and found Edgar Casey’s stuff, and all the rest of Prophets of Doom. One day something inside of me exploded in rebellion. After all, if it went there wasn’t one damned thing I could have done about it. I decided the most important things in my life were the loves I had and love, and to just live as richly in that love as I could. But it haunted me, in all that rebellion, in the back of my mind was the question ‘WHY?” Why on earth would people even care to think of these things?

Even my beloved EU Guys have asked that question and they have looked way back in time to answer it and I think they might have a point. We are a planet that has a deep seated almost genetic memory of disaster after disaster, and we CAN NOT REMEMBER them, so therefore they have become ghosts in our machinery, so to speak. Why else would we be desperately trying to find something to point to that says “Yes! It’s going to happen.” We fear what we do not know. It’s natural.

sunRAM points out that the scientists have found perturbed orbits in our outer planets that point to an object beyond them exerting a force on them. Whether they have always been there and we are just discovering the rest of our solar family or whether it is a ‘new-something’ coming into our system, I have heard no proof of either, just that something is there that has been measured at 5 1/2 times the size of the earth and has a mass that is heavier than iron. The articles are out there by NASA et all and I won’t bother to site them.

Bob Dunn has his You Tube channel that has the videos he has taken with his phone and two cd’s (that’s right, disks) over his camera lens as a makeshift sun filter and has caught some stunning videos of something rather large around the sun.

These definitely ‘show’ something is there. RAM also mentioned NASA photos from 2010 of something like a dyson sphere photographed around the sun. So who knows?dyson

I am certainly normal enough people to not be offered a prime place in any underground city, or anywhere else. I would prefer to be on top of mother earth anyway, amidst her grass and trees and animals and my loves. I will live, love and die here, that I know. My time may not be that long, maybe 30 or more years left, and I prefer to spend that time, not in fear, not in hoarding, not in prepping, but in living my life, loving those that I can love, holding them close, playing in the grass, talking to my trees, and puppies and cats, writing, drinking (alcohol is a wonder…lol) eating, dancing and speculating. I suppose because I KNOW energy is never wasted, my soul/spirit/energy allotment will continue. I am not afraid of death, but I am having a lot of fun and




So my Fader loves, treasure it all, love it all,, and live it all, with no fear.

Sermon over….

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