And the sky was purple

It’s not a question of IF they have ever been here, it’s a question of when haven’t they been here. And it’s a question of are we really so stupid/naïve/afraid to think, that we have let other people convince us that it’s all in our heads? It kind of reminds me of then I was a kid and my father used to say to me, “Alison, if I say the sky is purple, then by GOD, it’s purple!” , which he resorted to when he knew I was right in an argument. But the point was not about being right or wrong, it was about me not accepting HIS authority. Which is exactly where we as a planet are right now. By who’s authority and word are we operating?

When you look at it from that direction; by who’s authority does what is going on, go on, then it dissolves the quagmire of who’s doing it, ETs, AIs, Dimensionals, Breakaways, governments, cabals… None of it matters. What does matter is how and why we are letting them get away with it. Right here and right now. Not back in trebled history 3 civilizations ago, or eons ago off planet. Not even back in 1954 (1) when Ike signed the treaty NOT with the Ets that would help us, but with the predatory ones who would give us tech, for a small price; millions of people abducted, interfered with and hurt. Good or bad, future or past, risk of danger or surrender notwithstanding we, the little guy, the unnumbered faces, the lost in the sea of humanity, we, need to put our foot down and say, “ENOUGH!”

And then quietly stick to our guns (great metaphor, eh?), peacefully and inner powerfully, STAND. Our planet has never been without wars. The US, from its inception has been a massive war machine. (2) And from the direction I’ve been pointed in since last weekend (Ancient Aliens AND Hanger1 first episodes 2015), everywhere there has been a war, some sort of visitor has shown up for some reason. Curious. Aside from the many good/bad scenarios that come to mind, why is WAR so attractive to them? It’s not like it’s a ‘new thing’….. It seems if the newest whistleblower were to be believed (3) , that no entity out there is having an easy time of it. It kind of reminds me of the councilStar Wars episode where there is great discussion amongst the huge assemblage of known life forms about who is doing what and who is going to be able to get away with it….

Which brings me to another question, is art paralleling life, or is life being informed by something else? Why are so many of our theories based off our popular stories? Why do we find truth in myth? (Joseph Campbell) Could it really be that we ARE living in a hologram? Thus imagination parallels life, or really becomes life, or is being usurped and used against us for someone else’s lives? (Archons that live off of extreme emotional output)

WE use story and myth to teach, to grow. When you read a good book, hear a good story, see a good movie, in a way you are emotionally using, or consuming the energy of that emotion to grow and learn and understand. We Eat-it-up to ‘digest’ it and learn/become greater for the knowing of it. Could we be being farmed for that reason and if so, then the most powerful emotions on the planet are love/hate, understanding/fear, forgiveness/conflict/injustice. Why not keep that stirred up into an unholy maelstrom over the whole earth by whatever means possible, whatever story that works for an unending supply of energy going to someone somewhere? Which brings me back to the question WHO SAYS SO?!?!? Says who, By who’s say so? Who, Who, Who??? And just what the hell have I been unwittingly agreeing to?


“Harcort Fenton Mudd!!”


Just what am I?




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