Gage’s Wisdom

from my daily journal…

Thursday, April 16, 2015

7:19 PM

They say that it travels in families, in blood lines, in the frequency of the blood, the frequency of the soul that can inhabit the body. We all carry those unique crossing points of light, the photons within us, throughout our bodies, life after life.

Gage and I were coming home from errands, the pay off being DQ ice cream cones. We were on the back roads, when he looked over at me and said, “Grandma, Why are we here?”

I promptly said, “Well, we’re are on our way home now.” I was confused. Lol

Gage looked at me and said, “No, I mean why are we here, on the earth, you know!”

I replied, “Well, now, there’s lots of ideas on that one. One is because this earth is like a school and your soul came here to get a body to learn stuff. Like about love and living and how to make stuff and about plants and animals, and stuff like that. And we get to come back and learn other stuff if we want when this body wears out, and we die.” My mind was racing a mile a minute trying to figure out how to explain the myriad of other theories as to why we were here, not the least of which was the one with the ET equation. So I looked over at him and I said, “Why do you think we are here?” I was curious to see where his mind was on this before I said any more.

He closed the window, partly because he knows the wind is hard for me to hear over and because he was getting ready to say something important. Then he looked at me and said, “I think the Aliens made us and put us here to live here.”

In my mind, I am glowing that my nine year old grand would pose a question like that and that he asked me, and then told me what he did. I was very curious how he came up with his answer!

“So, how did you find this out?” I asked.

“I just made it up in my mind.” he said.

“Well, what do think is our reason for being here? What is our purpose?” I asked

“We were made for this earth, and we are supposed to live and build things and go into space and live there too.”

“To travel and visit other places?” I asked.

“To live there and warp to other places”, he said.

“Well,” I said, “I think you are very right! And very wise too!” He was quiet for a moment and we were almost home, ready to turn down our street, when he said,

“Grandma, How do we get our souls?” I gave him the question eye, “I mean in our bodies?”

I said, ” We bring them with us when we are born. That is the you that is inside your body.” just as we pulled in the drive.

He ran off to play as if the biggest talk ever of his life was over and settled, and I walked in and talked to my son about this very enlightening conversation.

My son said, “I know, He’s my spawn, so he’s an alien too. ” He smiled at me.

“Oh, so now you think you’re not from here and different too? What changed your mind about all this?” I asked amazed that the person standing in front of me finally could talk about all of this so nonchalantly after years of denial and thinking I was nuts, always with amused tolerance.

“I just had to face it. ” he said getting a juice out of the fridge, “So many weird things and the way they have all happened in my life.” So he had finally thought about it, I was amazed.

I remember my mom telling me that she used to have dreams about little gray people, when she was young. And once before my dad had his stroke I asked him if he’d ever seen a UFO and he said yes, and while I waited for him to elucidate, he promptly fell asleep.

Then there was my first experience when I was 5 years old. It was telepathic, but made such an impact on my life, that everything I did after that was an attempt to become like the mind I had touched. I wanted to meet face to face the person who had told me about how there were other places where everybody was nice, and loved each other, and they were not mean, not even for a good reason (as if there ever should be ANY reason to be mean). And, although it took 40 years to realize it, the telepathic contact I had was way beyond dry words echoing in my head, it was a full experience with emotion, ideas, words, presence and touch, like being encompassed with in an environment. Supertelepathy…

The only contact I can remember has been in that context. I have been blessed and lucky.

It has driven me to look deep into my own mind, to ask the deep why questions to try to figure out how to connect my soul back to the universe once again. I have chased it from as many angles and ways I could think of and create in my heart, it is the one bliss, the fire in my soul that I can’t let go of. I KNOW it exists, and is just outside that quantum box.

That fire is a frequency. It burns within me and mine. It burns in you too. To once again, know, to remember.

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