How do you Feel?

the maple kindHow do you feel when faced with all of what you know going away? What if there was no more music? What if the love in that glance of your soul mate couldn’t be there? What if glorious summer days in the grass under the trees vanished? What if the deep silence of a snowfall never could happen again? What if the smell of burning leaves in the fall and the crunch under your feet was a metaphor no one had a reference for in living memory anymore? What if the great canopy of leaves over your head of the forest vanished into desert? What if no one even remembered what a tree was? What if lovely messy baby kisses vanished and puppy tongues and kitty purrs? Or the aroma of hyacinth on a humid summer night, along with the song of the frogs and crickets? What if you never heard another fish jump, or bee buzz? What if you could never wake up again and FEEL the song of the planet running through your blood and soul?

Think of every little nuance that feeds your soul vanishing…..   That’s what these idiots are trying to make us forget. The wondrous sanctity of life. The great gift that every moment is.


And by that I mean cherish every minute, every breath, every glorious moment of the life that is yours. See the miracle that is here. WE have a unique position and a unique view point, because we CAN treasure it.iregret nothing


I am sitting here in my kitchen at 5pm writing this, watching the blue sky and clouds go by on a windy day. The dogs are running in and out the door, barking at the clouds. Gage is on the couch watching cartoons, recuperating from his ear infection, and I am listening to the Allman Bros. speculating, finding a way through the nastiness I spent the morning researching on Jade Helm, Walmart, China and world domination. And I feel like the song ‘Whipping Post’. Tired Sad and hoping with all my might that all the small things, the unnoticeable lovely things that make up my life can still remain sacred to me. Like the feel of my husband’s mustache on my upper lip when he kisses me, the warmth of my dog when he sits with me, the amazing looks my grands give me, the sounds of the baby kittens that my son found and my elder grand is raising and bottle feeding….brownies A million small wonderful miracles that accompany every day on my journey through time. I want them all and I want them to continue. It is part of what makes us human and it is part of what grows our souls.

This particular rabbit hole I went down has been hard. It has been hard to shake off the fetid air that clings to my mind, the insidious nastiness that clogs my heart, I JUST WANT TO SCREAM! I don’t really give a f*** who I’m feeding with my emotional outbreak, I just need to feel it.

I know shit is happening. I feel it just like everybody. But I want to also remember what ties me here and why. feed the catTo somehow find the strength to stand up and fight for all this, because it is way to precious to loose.

There is magic in that. Strong magic. Maybe enough to even save what we love since it seems no other way may have that chance.

There it is.


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