Are they TRYING to foment fear????


Jade ( think Chinese dragons)  Helm (think control)

Wall (think great wall of China)

Market; trading center; trade center.  a building, center, or exposition for the sale of goods by manufacturers and wholesalers to retail merchants. Archaic. a fair. Obsolete, bargain.





Wall Mart is owned by China??




Tunnels causing sink holes

So they called a company out to dig up what has now become a pretty big sinkhole that’s about 50 feet wide and about 60 feet deep.”

Not even plumbing that takes six months… but:

“The store manager says they’re hoping to finish filling this hole today so that Walmart can be totally back up and running by tomorrow.

Can be fixed in a day or so???


So, a lot of people are speculating:



Personally, I HATE holding patterns….   My hubs, out there scanning for all sorts of stuff, says that they are going to nuke Chi-town sometime in July and then some time in Sept. a meteor is supposed to hit in the Bermuda triangle and take out the eastern sea board, maybe the jade helm area will be all that is left…. and therefor all the coffins that FEMA ordered will get used… who knows?


Not quite sure I’m go’in down that rabbit hole even if I do wind up dead…..

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