The Activation of Apocatastasis

#f2b so I guess the ‘damn’ Quantum Box can also be called CONSENSUAL REALITY…. I feel a post coming on…

Part of getting OUT of the quantum box requires figuring out just WHAT it is. It seems last night I discovered part of it was Consensual Reality. That is that part of what we all agree on in the waking state (non-dreaming). And that was no mistake, because since reading ‘The Active Side of Infinity’ by Carlos Castaneda, I have been trying to construct in my mind’s eye a model I could clunk around in, and test. Yesterday a good friend and client drew me a picture and gave me a very in-depth explanation. Not surprising, because I had asked for it, not from him, but from the universe. I had posed the question and expected the answer to be delivered in one way or another. But I was fortunate because the person who delivered this answer and I sort of share a consensus of what we understand reality to be. He is a shaman and an artist. I am very lucky to know this person. His wife and I both expect that we are visited by ET’s, he thinks its other things, just like Jonathan Young.

There is a part of consensual reality that is a good thing. But in the monomyth of Joseph Campbell, I am still in the fighting dragons and collecting tools phase. The dragons are the rabbit holes we all go down in search of information and the tools are what we find out, the pieces of the puzzle. So, you all know it is a fond dream of mine to find that rip-in-the-matrix,catbox the epiphany, that Ah-Ha! moment that will allow me to turn 6 degrees to catch a glimpse of the man hiding behind the curtain… To ultimately step OUT of the consensual reality and SEE FOR MYSELF, but it seems that to be able to digest and use the information from that particular rabbit hole and use the tool/gem of information I collect there, that because of the way our reality is structured, you all must go with me as a consensus, we all want the same thing, some answers.

It seems to me that we are all feeling the weight of the precipice of change. Our Noosphere (both the collective conscious and collective unconscious) is ready to implode upon its self and SHIFT.  It is the destabilization of this current paradigm in preparation for change that is playing out in places like Baltimore right now. This will bring about the activation of three archetypal energies: Apocalypse – Transformation – Apocatastasis.

 Apocalypse – Shift – Apocatastasis

It comes from two Greek words, apo and kalypto, which mean “to take away” and “to cover or hide.” So “apocalypse” means literally to “take away the covering of something that has been hidden.” What’s been hidden? The truth, or more specifically, the truth about the future and what is to come. We speculate on PlanetX, Niribu, the galaxy wave, a pole shift, a NWO, ET’s Aliens Extradimensionals…. You get the drift.

As I have pointed out before, there is a dearth of imagery today that we are all dealing with that presents the coming catastrophic times as real. There isn’t a person on the planet that doesn’t have an innate feeling of it, which makes it an archetype.


v'ger4Ascension, Evolution, reconnection of our 12 strand DNA, the rainbow body, masters of our universe and minds, transition for 4D to 5D, to bodies of crystal….etc. ZPE (zero point energy) The new and cleaned up earth…


Apocatastasis (/æpoʊkəˈtæstəsɨs/; from Greek: ἀποκατάστασις, also anglicized as apokatastasis) is reconstitution, restitution,[1] or restoration to the original or primordial condition. Which has been talked about ever since the idea of apocalypse has been talked about, as the great pay off for enduring the great revealing.

Back in 2012, on my birthday, the world was supposed to end. (Rah Rah…) I was telling everybody for a couple of years before that, that I thought it was about a change in our consciousness SO HUGE that we would have no other metaphor, no actual words to describe how it would change and therefore we used world ending descriptors, and our collective unconscious supplied dreams of worlds ending because once the transition/shift was done, our actual perception of the world would be so different, that you could say the world as-we-knew-it had died. I still reject the destruction of our earth as the apocalyptic image, but he destruction of our precious ideas about what should be versus what is? That is a different equation. That needs some cage rattling done. That’s the ‘Alison wants to blow up the Quantum Box and take off the blinders idea”. The issue is we are all feeling the collective consciousness being activated by the gathering forces of the collective unconsciousness’s evolution into something new, kind of like V’ger in the first ST movie.v'ger2 Most of us are digging in our heals and yelling NO! But there are those like us out there trying to spearhead this movement of awareness and doing it like we are on the hero’s journey, fearlessly and intrepidly like climbers on El Capitan on a windy day.

Many of us along the way will, I highly expect, find wonderful tools, like ZPE and things to heal the planet and many will find inner gifts like telepathy and healing and many will simply have the satisfaction of knowing the real narrative of our journey. And to whit, it will be a consensus reality, mainly because its total value is found only with respect to each other and how aware, and what we will ultimately DO  with that relationship.

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