Eric P. Dollard might be the reincarnation of Tesla…

This man’s life reads like Tesla’s history. Everything he’s ever done has been destroyed…. he lived off the streets for years in intervals because of it… and he’s brilliant.

He is working on the theory that says if you can measure the di-electric (electromagnetic field) force inherent in an object ( like a car) and apply energy to equalize it, you can cancel out the Faraday lines of force holding it in place and move it with your finger. He is working on experiments with that currently. He says the navy has electro-dynamic craft… lols. Is true. In electro-magnetic force there is a third force they are working on defining which will complete the whole thing. We know there is a 3rd forceelectro (put two electrically active wires in proximity to each other ( watch ) and another field is created)  because electricity acts differently in different gravitic fields, like on earth vs. on Jupiter. Light is interesting because you don’t see it directly, making the speed of light a relationship, not a quanta (therefore you can’t measure it and it is always changing!!!!) You only see it as its effect on something, when it shines on it. Gravity, electricity and magnetism are all the same, you only know they exist because of the effect they have on the environment around you.

Well, if you take a mass like a car, and set it in motion, it tends to want to stay in motion (especially if it is frictionless) until you apply the brakes (a resistor) Faraday says that mass is not part of the car, but is a part of the field AROUND the car holding it place. Faraday says there are lines of force holding it in place terminating to whatever the car is connected to, like the earth. These lines of force are part of the electrostatic charge of the matter of the car. IF you generated a magnetic field around that car and used electricity to charge that field to the EXACT measurement of those field lines the car has, you could cancel them out and the hold-in-place effect they have on the car, thus enabling you to push or move that car with your fingertip. IE: no work load (electro-dynamic craft, Sandia Labs)

This is the same thing the Thunder Bolts (EU Theory)zpinch1 crew is working on, except they are working on large bodies in space. EU theory says electrostatic lines of force are holding the planets in place. The sun isn’t what we think it is and so on… If you get many of these line of force in one place and they ‘glow’, ( that ubiquitous Z-pinch thing I’m on about all the time) causing matter to accrete into solar and planetary bodies. (Possible 3rd force/gravity explanation) And from there you have your plasma studies and then Faraday currents turn into Birkeland currents….

AND!! interestingly enough, Castaneda talks about this in his explanation of the energetic body of man, cocoonand consciousness and in how to manifest yourself between two places….. (my last article written by Bill Brown)

We have been chasing these ideas for ever, and the ‘theys’ of the world have been stomping out the research as fast as it can be discovered for at least (documented) the last 200 years. Oh, and, by the way, ring shipRalph ring had it right: set up your magnetic field, then charge it with electricity to the appropriate intensity, ( that of the surrounding environment) and it cancels out the mass and you can move anything effortlessly.

Sometimes when I go to ground and don’t write for a couple of days I have gotten lost in this topic of research. I am heartened to find so many working on the same thing from so many angles, because soon here, we are all going to meet up in the middle without any planning because we are all like attractors and this idea will burst into the morphogenetic field of consensus reality like an atom bomb and blow just about everything false out of the water… I can’t wait.

And, oh yeah, Mr. Dollard is about to apply these theories to music, resonance frequencies (overtones in any given note and how they, notes, interact) and the geometric resonance patterns in space they create (any space, a room, a church, open space – think HAARP) and we will have some specific information to use to create unbelievable things. cymaticsThis all relates back to Pythagoras’s theory on the resonances of differing intervals of notes and their overtones and whether they can link in phase. When they do they produce an energy wave on an oscilloscope that is off the charts. They also produce geometric forms, just search Cymatics ( watch – natural 432 vs. modern forced 440 and at end human voice patterns) on YouTube for some really pretty and interesting videos.


WE are so close!!!!!!!!

The World: “Some Assemblage Required” by Bill Brown

Further Comments on Carlos Castaneda  and the Teachings of Don Juan Matus   -by Bill Brown

In my previous post entitled “The Topic of Topics” I discussed mudshadows, or archons eating our energy. They control us by keeping the amount of awareness available to us to a bare minimum thus keeping us alive but, just barely. In this way the mudshadows keep us in bondage because if we cannot be aware of them then we cannot free ourselves from them. Juan Matus taught Carlos Castaneda that we could be free of the mudshadows by living a warrior’s life. A life of magic, discipline and wonder. We start living this warrior’s life by learning to stop talking to ourselves. This incessant “internal dialog” is what maintains our world. It also makes us vulnerable to the archons.

In order to understand the importance of this “internal dialog” and how it helps us maintain our world, we have to view the human being as an energetic unit.portal_by_blok_head Everything is energy and the human being no less so. According to the teachings of Don Juan the bubble of energy that is a living being, contains a portion of the same energy that pervades the Universe at large. This energy is in the form of an uncountable number of self-aware luminous filaments that pass through our “luminous cocoon” continuously.

Don Juan asserted that the “luminous cocoon” of every living entity has in its cocoon an agent known as the “assemblage point”. This point is responsible for our perception, and has the potential to be quite mobile. At birth this point is in motion continuously and it is the duty and responsibility of parents, teachers, friends and anyone who comes in contact with a child to help it slow down this moving point and stop it in the right position. The considerable power of all these people does eventually slow this point down until it stops moving. How is this accomplished? They teach the child to talk to itself.

It is this talking to ourselves that maintains this point fixed at the same position in the cocoon as every other person in this world, and every other person sees the same world in the same way.

The assemblage point in man is located on the back of its cocoon high up near the crest and to the right of center, on the surface. The point is situated within a specific band of energy known as “the band of man”. This band of energy contains the “known”, which is our world and everything in it that we are aware of.cocoon It also contains the “unknown”, which is everything we are not aware of, but could be with enough energy and awareness. When this “assemblage point” moves into the cocoon towards the center then we are always moving into the “unknown” since it is all new. Thus the “unknown” becomes the “known”. When the “assemblage point” moves out of the “band of man” it enters the “unknowable”. It is a vast region where human traits do not come into play at all.

Don Juan taught Carlos that the luminous filaments passing through our luminous cocoon create a pressure on the cocoon. The energy inside the cocoon is the same as the energy outside the cocoon separated by the luminous shell. The majority of the luminous filaments pass through the luminous shell effecting no change, however those luminous filaments that pass through the “assemblage point” become aligned –due to this pressure- with the same luminous filaments inside the cocoon, and it is this alignment that gives rise to perception. The “assemblage point” is responsible for further refining of this alignment by organizing the luminous filaments into clusters. These clusters account for the “structure” of the world. Every human perceives this structure in the same way. The pressure on the cocoon and, the energy of the alignment of luminous filaments cause other luminous filaments surrounding it to glow. This is “the glow of awareness”. It is this “glow of awareness” that makes us human.  (Z pinch in EU parlance. -Alison)

Humans have a penchant for habitual behavior and routines, and talking to ourselves is one such habitual behavior, and it is established through habit. Since the exact location of the “assemblage point” is an arbitrary one then a huge effort must be made to hold it in place and, the “internal dialog” is how we anchor it. Almost every human has experienced a shift of his or her “assemblage point” either on purpose or by accident. Alcohol, drugs, fatigue, sickness or fright can cause a shift away from the habitual location, because all of these things can stop the “internal dialog”. The problem is that we are never prepared for this sudden shift and we struggle to reestablish our “internal dialog” and bring our “assemblage point” back to its’ habitual location.

There is another way to move our “assemblage point”. Sleeping! The only way to fall asleep is to stop the “internal dialog”. Many people have trouble sleeping because of their busy minds but eventually sleep will come. When the “internal dialog” stops in this manner then the “assemblage point” naturally drifts away from its’ habitual location and we dream. Since the “assemblage point” shifts to a different location, different luminous filaments become aligned, thus allowing for different perceptual input. Don Juan said that the greater the shift of the “assemblage point” the more vivid and bizarre are the dreams. Don Juan also taught Carlos that along the edges of “mans band of awareness” is an incalculable storehouse of human junk that we have accrued in our life. Along the right edge is violence, sexuality, and action. Along the left edge is God, spirituality, and bliss. When our “assemblage point” shifts to these edges we get dreams that are a jumble of visions from this storehouse of junk. We recognize things from our dreams because of it.

We can train ourselves to stop our “internal dialog” the same way we established it when we were children. Through repetition we can learn to disrupt our continuity and “stop the world”. We already do it when we dream.  

We are all in agreement on where to anchor the “assemblage point”. Over time we have all agreed that location will be the place of concern, or self-importance.

 By B. Brown

A Change of Perspective

Tuesday, May 12, 2015        10:21 AM

  1. per·spec·tive pərˈspektiv/
  • 2. a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. “most guidebook history is written from the editor’s perspective”


    1. synonyms:
  • true understanding of the relative importance of things; a sense of proportion.

From <>


hearts5We here, on this earth, walking around, talking and living, have a very limited perspective of life as a whole and what life really means. Well, most of us. Then there are others like us Faders who are extraordinarily open to other perspectives. Because of that stance of mind we perceive a lot more than most. Not only are we aware that life goes beyond what we can hear feel and touch, we actively seek it out. We entertain ideas of extra-dimensionals, intra-dimensionals, frequency realms, extra-terrestrials, the whole ball of ‘extra’ stuff.


We think that we do not/cannot see or touch these realms because we are not gifted, or frequency raised enough. Well, I propose that we are, we can and do perceive these things all the time, when we crack out of our entrenched, trained mind. That is as easy as just saying to yourself, listenSHHHHH, I need to listen, hushing the running commentary in the back of your conscious mind, agreeing to be aware of things that you cannot see or touch, and allowing yourself to feel it. You always kind of know when you are doing it, because all the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and you know it is time to turn your ‘eyes’ (attention) inward and be still for a couple of seconds to perceive differently and become aware of what is there. And then your heart tells you. You KNOW.


All this is, is a change of perspective, in what you choose to be aware of in the myriad things that your self is constantly aware of and filtering out of your everyday perceptions. Choose for two seconds to widen your scope of awareness, and see. It is amazing. I love my Grandmother, and she is never far away. I love my ex, even though he was my ex before he passed and well deserved to be my ex. He is always hanging out. Interestingly enough, the bright whiteness of his soul that he simply refused to show while he was in the world, is totally manifest now. He understands, a lot. He chose to be a total patoot when he was alive, but now he is all that I saw when I fell in love with him. As I still stumble through life in this physical form, he just glows, the patoot!


But were we to use this perception in nature, we would see the trees, flowers and the grasses glow with it, we would see the souls of everything and talk with them, we would know the love that underlies all that is. Those that have totally changed their perspective are still here, every one of them, to help with the changes we are all heading into, some of them are just better in the energetic body than we are. They are all busy in their ways helping. The newly changed do hang out sometimes. My ex is still around, he had a lot to apologize for (lol), but my beloved Janie, my grandmother, she knows I know and I know she knows, and unless I call to her, she is busy working hard with the rest of us to help through the coming times. Since I told my ex that everything that was done and said was done from a place of love even though it did not seem like it at the time, he also is doing other things. (My grandson will occasionally tell me about the nice old man who visited him at night)…


aura4If we but had our heart’s eyes open we would see that we are all still so connected in every way, so enmeshed in this field of experience called mother earth and thusly in the universe, still so firmly ensconced in the hearts of our beloveds that we would know, nothing ever ends. Ever.


Many blessings to Jimmy and Rita.

May the Light and the Love keep you safe and well and hold you close.

The Links: Corey Good, The Blue Avians and The Sphere Beings

Corey Good is the new whistle blower that David Wilcock has been recently talking to and relating his testimony in his recent presentations. I envy you all who will be out there at CITD, I hope one of you guys actually gets to go see some of his presentations.

My last article details my feelings on all this testimony, so I’m not going to go all mushy in this one. I simply wish to lay out the material so you all can go read it for your selves and maybe vet it to your satisfaction.

Background information


black triangle UFO

Corey (aka GoodETxSG) recently has emerged as a new source of information on multiple secret space programs and breakaway civilizations from Earth. In an earlier article I summarized his public testimony revealed through two internet forums and public presentations by David Wilcock on the nature of these covert programs. In a later article released on April 7, I presented Corey’s responses to a series of questions I emailed him. His answers revealed a remarkable degree of complexity in terms of the number of participants, programs and extraterrestrial alliances related to five secret space programs run by various military, government and corporate entities from our contemporary time period alone. READ MORE…

Over view of things


multiple secret space programs

A new whistleblower has appeared who is creating quite a stir in the UFO and exopolitics communities due to his claims of having worked with a number of secret space programs; and, more recently, having become a contactee with a powerful new group of extraterrestrials that have entered our solar system. READ MORE…

What do they look like and how do they work?

GoodETxSG… “Makeup and Background of [the] Blue Avian Beings”…

Forum post #629 (3-31-15, 12:32)
[Q] Curious if you know anything about the makeup and background of our Blue Avian beings. Do they have emotional, mental and physical “bodies” similar to ours?

(Corey: They manifest in a “Touchy Physical” feeling body. They seem to be sympathetic to my emotions.) READ MORE…

Who are the Blue Avians and the Sphere Beings?

GoodETxSG Secret Space Program, ET Federation Delegation & MILAB Participant:       Appearance of the “Moon”, “Neptune” & “Jupiter” sized “Sphere Craft” & their associated “Purple Sphere Beings” as well as their “Blue Avian” & “3 Other” Allied races (Classified for now) Opposed to the Current “Custodian Beings” of our “Solar System”.   READ MORE…

New Forum: The One Truth    TOT    I signed up…

This seems to be a good place to get the latest information on the developing situation.totjandeane81

Lightbulb Secret Space Program, ET Federation Delegation & MILAB “Experiencer”, GoodETxSG “Q & A”

Hello “TOT” Members and Guests,

I have been very happy with the “Vibe” (As they say) of the people and the leadership of this Forum since I recently joined. It is quite a bit different than what I was used to from the previous “Forum” I was at…

While I was a Member of “Another Forum” I was convinced to do a recording that was to be used by a certain Formerly Respected and Well Known Researcher for their own “Research Purposes Only”. It was a VERY informal and impromptu recording of a “Conversation” (Not an “Interview”) between the Former Researchers Wife (At the time) and Myself while she was in town on other business. Things aligned just so to where we were able to do over 3 1/2 hours of recordings. The Former Researcher contacted me shortly after and stated that they thought this really needed to be released (They knew my desire to help other MILAB’s) to assist other MILAB’s and to bring together some information in one place that some other people may find useful.  ( Link at bottom, at time of publishing I couldn’t make it active so Copy and Paste)

An Interesting Remote View

(RV)and follow-up about what it might look like as the earth completes her ascension.  ( Link at bottom, at time of publishing I couldn’t make it active so Copy and Paste)

This is a letter, or comment on DW forum from me, as it is my only concern. Still awaiting an answer… lols And if I was going to CITD I’d see if I could ask him this directly.  (hint…hint… if any of you see him…. hint, hint? 🙂

Dear David,

My sigh of relief is almost ready to let go. The Sphere People seem too good to be true, but they answer perfectly an inner myth I have chased all my life. I am 61, I have been chasing this since I was a child of 6. I am weary. I wish with all my being that we get to save this lovely place and all her creatures. I am attached.

I am somewhat concerned about what the earth, sun and the planets are currently experiencing and wonder if you have ever visited sites like Suspicious Observers, and if so, what is your opinion? Are we being stabilized by an outside energy until we have reached that true tipping point as a planet in our decisions? I am concerned about the little lives, and how they will fare.

Can you point me to relevant information?

Thank You for all the work that you do, and for allowing yourself to be put into such danger to bring this forward.

Sincerely, Alison  a dedicated Fadernaught

And then after all this, you have to look at things like JH15 as if they ARE a false flag and you have to know that not much will be allowed to happen. Even with all of the internet silliness going on, and credible sources vetting credible information.  Kerry’s Blog: ( Link at bottom, at time of publishing I couldn’t make it active so Copy and Paste)

I has struck me over the years since 2012, that all of the hurtful things that COULD have happened, didn’t. I have felt for a long time and even said it in this blog, that we are being allowed to complete something here at this time on earth and the interference that would like to mess it all up is being prevented from doing so. JH15 will prove something to me one way or the other and answer a few very important questions.  Hope you see what I see???

Remote View:

 The One Truth:

Kerry’s Blog:


It almost feels like I am about to get all my wishes granted in some form or another about our planet, disclosure and our future. I don’t know how many of you have been following David’s recent whistle blower blueACory and his testimony about the Blue Avians and the Sphere People, but, were I to dream up what I wanted, or as it looks to me right now (and only time will tell) my fondest dreams are about to materialize. I hope.


You who have been reading my blog know that I had contact as a little You also know that I have been trying to live up to that standard ever since through a long journey of various hats and experiences. All the while quietly holding in my heart a wish for us to really make it. I was one of those fools who wept when the berlin wall came down, because it was a major milestone in our positive growth. Well, I can almost breathe that sigh of relief, almost.


You can’t blame me for being wary, suspicious and a little jaded. We all build our hopes up, kind of like theroswell2 Roswell event night before last. Yeah, it didn’t measure up to our imaginations, but there is still a LOT of work to be done yet… And so with the world, we still have a lot of cleanup to do before it all can materialize. One of the things mentioned over and over through David’s articles is the reality gap that is going to bite our collective butts. And the use of that confusion, to create MORE confusion and keep us off point, which is,  The BIG Picture….


It is going to take some discipline to be relevant. In the dying throes of the Cabal every last bit of clout they can muster is going to be used to confuse us, and maintain dominion over our minds, with twisted disinformation and anything else they think will work. Beware! lerts(also be alert, because the world needs more Lerts…. Grin) Use your innate discernment, discrimination, vet your sources and LISTEN to your OWN gut! We are a very opinionated, strong minded, intelligent group of people. Let’s keep it that way!! AND…..   Always keep the bigger picture in the forefront of your mind. Remember those puzzle pieces? Well, we are about to begin putting the biggest picture together yet.


At least it is my fondest hope.aether_sphere_by_sartanis-d5mn2bh


David Wilcock1

David Wilcock2

Babel/babble: a fractured fairy-tale

Once upon a time….      In a land far, far, away…

There were people who lived within each other’s hearts and minds in real time. Everybody heard every else’s mind and felt everybody else’s feelings and because of that they were all kind people. Because to hurt someone was to hurt yourself! They all had great empathy, because they always KNEW what the other was feeling and thinking.hippy-love They were an industrious people, a creative people, and they were not afraid of hard work. They were great makers of things, gadgets and devices and all sorts of things to help their daily life. They tended to sort themselves into clans because of the way they thought, some were good at thinking of a thing, others were good at making the thing… When one day, a group of them decided they wanted to travel and go see other places, another group of them knew just how to make that,babelblkhole and another group of them knew how to design the gadget they needed and so on. So they all got together to build this thing. They were all so happy about it that their thoughts of joy were very loud. So very loud that the ‘others’ noticed, well who wouldn’t notice a party going on in your own back yard???

The others wanted peace and quiet, and they wanted the people to just do their job, and not complain, and to go about their tasks and not waste energy on something other than their duties. They didn’t want joy and parties and fun and creativity. That was wasteful. And besides, they were all SO LOUD and obnoxious! (they were a young people, full of questions and talk…) These others decided to do something about the clamor. And so they came in and broke those loud happy people, brokenthey split up the mechanism inside of them that kept them connected to each other and the universe, fragmenting them, leaving only the part that would allow them to finish their work and survive.  Suddenly, nobody could understand each other!! Nobody knew what the other person was feeling and the light went out in the souls of their eyes. The others had come from another place to use these happy people for their own ends, as slaves. They wanted the work done! By God!! When they understood that the wonderful machine that was being built would enable the people to travel and move away, they broke that too.

So the people were dually broken and confused, and after sometime forgot what it was like to feel the hearts of their brethren and know the minds of their neighbor’s, or know the presence of the universe. This forgetting after the others had gotten all they wanted and left (except for a few who stayed behind) this forgetting….


We have forgotten why we are here, Except that we are. We have forgotten why we have violence and war, Except that we do. We have forgotten that once we lived within each other and the world, Except we no longer hear each other’s hearts as our own. We have spent centuries trapped within ourselves, learning silence, And now we feel shame and our hearts quake in fear that someone else would know our truth.

What shall we do when this gets fixed? When the 12 strands reassemble themselves inside us and the world is loud again? We will fix war and famine and cruelty and meanness. It will vanish in the dust because WE will also be the recipient of everybody else’s thoughts and feelings.whole12 We will all REALLY understand each other and know that the faith you have is the faith I have, and the love you feel is the love I feel, and the broken heart I have is the same broken heart you have. WE will all feel the purity of the newly born souls and the beloved animals. They will glow and we will be in awe. We will hear our planet in our hearts and she will forgive us for our travesties, I hope. And in the first few minutes, hours, maybe weeks of all this confusion, we will all be slightly crazy swimming in each other until we learn to sort it all out, until we learn how to quit scaring each other with our minds and being nosey.hippie2 Until we can remember how we did it once before. But now  we have minds that are used to the inner silence we will be more adult, and more gentle. But we will remember, that we love, and in loving, will find our salvation.

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