Babel/babble: a fractured fairy-tale

Once upon a time….      In a land far, far, away…

There were people who lived within each other’s hearts and minds in real time. Everybody heard every else’s mind and felt everybody else’s feelings and because of that they were all kind people. Because to hurt someone was to hurt yourself! They all had great empathy, because they always KNEW what the other was feeling and thinking.hippy-love They were an industrious people, a creative people, and they were not afraid of hard work. They were great makers of things, gadgets and devices and all sorts of things to help their daily life. They tended to sort themselves into clans because of the way they thought, some were good at thinking of a thing, others were good at making the thing… When one day, a group of them decided they wanted to travel and go see other places, another group of them knew just how to make that,babelblkhole and another group of them knew how to design the gadget they needed and so on. So they all got together to build this thing. They were all so happy about it that their thoughts of joy were very loud. So very loud that the ‘others’ noticed, well who wouldn’t notice a party going on in your own back yard???

The others wanted peace and quiet, and they wanted the people to just do their job, and not complain, and to go about their tasks and not waste energy on something other than their duties. They didn’t want joy and parties and fun and creativity. That was wasteful. And besides, they were all SO LOUD and obnoxious! (they were a young people, full of questions and talk…) These others decided to do something about the clamor. And so they came in and broke those loud happy people, brokenthey split up the mechanism inside of them that kept them connected to each other and the universe, fragmenting them, leaving only the part that would allow them to finish their work and survive.  Suddenly, nobody could understand each other!! Nobody knew what the other person was feeling and the light went out in the souls of their eyes. The others had come from another place to use these happy people for their own ends, as slaves. They wanted the work done! By God!! When they understood that the wonderful machine that was being built would enable the people to travel and move away, they broke that too.

So the people were dually broken and confused, and after sometime forgot what it was like to feel the hearts of their brethren and know the minds of their neighbor’s, or know the presence of the universe. This forgetting after the others had gotten all they wanted and left (except for a few who stayed behind) this forgetting….


We have forgotten why we are here, Except that we are. We have forgotten why we have violence and war, Except that we do. We have forgotten that once we lived within each other and the world, Except we no longer hear each other’s hearts as our own. We have spent centuries trapped within ourselves, learning silence, And now we feel shame and our hearts quake in fear that someone else would know our truth.

What shall we do when this gets fixed? When the 12 strands reassemble themselves inside us and the world is loud again? We will fix war and famine and cruelty and meanness. It will vanish in the dust because WE will also be the recipient of everybody else’s thoughts and feelings.whole12 We will all REALLY understand each other and know that the faith you have is the faith I have, and the love you feel is the love I feel, and the broken heart I have is the same broken heart you have. WE will all feel the purity of the newly born souls and the beloved animals. They will glow and we will be in awe. We will hear our planet in our hearts and she will forgive us for our travesties, I hope. And in the first few minutes, hours, maybe weeks of all this confusion, we will all be slightly crazy swimming in each other until we learn to sort it all out, until we learn how to quit scaring each other with our minds and being nosey.hippie2 Until we can remember how we did it once before. But now  we have minds that are used to the inner silence we will be more adult, and more gentle. But we will remember, that we love, and in loving, will find our salvation.

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