It almost feels like I am about to get all my wishes granted in some form or another about our planet, disclosure and our future. I don’t know how many of you have been following David’s recent whistle blower blueACory and his testimony about the Blue Avians and the Sphere People, but, were I to dream up what I wanted, or as it looks to me right now (and only time will tell) my fondest dreams are about to materialize. I hope.


You who have been reading my blog know that I had contact as a little kid.blue You also know that I have been trying to live up to that standard ever since through a long journey of various hats and experiences. All the while quietly holding in my heart a wish for us to really make it. I was one of those fools who wept when the berlin wall came down, because it was a major milestone in our positive growth. Well, I can almost breathe that sigh of relief, almost.


You can’t blame me for being wary, suspicious and a little jaded. We all build our hopes up, kind of like theroswell2 Roswell event night before last. Yeah, it didn’t measure up to our imaginations, but there is still a LOT of work to be done yet… And so with the world, we still have a lot of cleanup to do before it all can materialize. One of the things mentioned over and over through David’s articles is the reality gap that is going to bite our collective butts. And the use of that confusion, to create MORE confusion and keep us off point, which is,  The BIG Picture….


It is going to take some discipline to be relevant. In the dying throes of the Cabal every last bit of clout they can muster is going to be used to confuse us, and maintain dominion over our minds, with twisted disinformation and anything else they think will work. Beware! lerts(also be alert, because the world needs more Lerts…. Grin) Use your innate discernment, discrimination, vet your sources and LISTEN to your OWN gut! We are a very opinionated, strong minded, intelligent group of people. Let’s keep it that way!! AND…..   Always keep the bigger picture in the forefront of your mind. Remember those puzzle pieces? Well, we are about to begin putting the biggest picture together yet.


At least it is my fondest hope.aether_sphere_by_sartanis-d5mn2bh


David Wilcock1

David Wilcock2

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