Eric P. Dollard might be the reincarnation of Tesla…

This man’s life reads like Tesla’s history. Everything he’s ever done has been destroyed…. he lived off the streets for years in intervals because of it… and he’s brilliant.

He is working on the theory that says if you can measure the di-electric (electromagnetic field) force inherent in an object ( like a car) and apply energy to equalize it, you can cancel out the Faraday lines of force holding it in place and move it with your finger. He is working on experiments with that currently. He says the navy has electro-dynamic craft… lols. Is true. In electro-magnetic force there is a third force they are working on defining which will complete the whole thing. We know there is a 3rd forceelectro (put two electrically active wires in proximity to each other ( watch ) and another field is created)  because electricity acts differently in different gravitic fields, like on earth vs. on Jupiter. Light is interesting because you don’t see it directly, making the speed of light a relationship, not a quanta (therefore you can’t measure it and it is always changing!!!!) You only see it as its effect on something, when it shines on it. Gravity, electricity and magnetism are all the same, you only know they exist because of the effect they have on the environment around you.

Well, if you take a mass like a car, and set it in motion, it tends to want to stay in motion (especially if it is frictionless) until you apply the brakes (a resistor) Faraday says that mass is not part of the car, but is a part of the field AROUND the car holding it place. Faraday says there are lines of force holding it in place terminating to whatever the car is connected to, like the earth. These lines of force are part of the electrostatic charge of the matter of the car. IF you generated a magnetic field around that car and used electricity to charge that field to the EXACT measurement of those field lines the car has, you could cancel them out and the hold-in-place effect they have on the car, thus enabling you to push or move that car with your fingertip. IE: no work load (electro-dynamic craft, Sandia Labs)

This is the same thing the Thunder Bolts (EU Theory)zpinch1 crew is working on, except they are working on large bodies in space. EU theory says electrostatic lines of force are holding the planets in place. The sun isn’t what we think it is and so on… If you get many of these line of force in one place and they ‘glow’, ( that ubiquitous Z-pinch thing I’m on about all the time) causing matter to accrete into solar and planetary bodies. (Possible 3rd force/gravity explanation) And from there you have your plasma studies and then Faraday currents turn into Birkeland currents….

AND!! interestingly enough, Castaneda talks about this in his explanation of the energetic body of man, cocoonand consciousness and in how to manifest yourself between two places….. (my last article written by Bill Brown)

We have been chasing these ideas for ever, and the ‘theys’ of the world have been stomping out the research as fast as it can be discovered for at least (documented) the last 200 years. Oh, and, by the way, ring shipRalph ring had it right: set up your magnetic field, then charge it with electricity to the appropriate intensity, ( that of the surrounding environment) and it cancels out the mass and you can move anything effortlessly.

Sometimes when I go to ground and don’t write for a couple of days I have gotten lost in this topic of research. I am heartened to find so many working on the same thing from so many angles, because soon here, we are all going to meet up in the middle without any planning because we are all like attractors and this idea will burst into the morphogenetic field of consensus reality like an atom bomb and blow just about everything false out of the water… I can’t wait.

And, oh yeah, Mr. Dollard is about to apply these theories to music, resonance frequencies (overtones in any given note and how they, notes, interact) and the geometric resonance patterns in space they create (any space, a room, a church, open space – think HAARP) and we will have some specific information to use to create unbelievable things. cymaticsThis all relates back to Pythagoras’s theory on the resonances of differing intervals of notes and their overtones and whether they can link in phase. When they do they produce an energy wave on an oscilloscope that is off the charts. They also produce geometric forms, just search Cymatics ( watch – natural 432 vs. modern forced 440 and at end human voice patterns) on YouTube for some really pretty and interesting videos.


WE are so close!!!!!!!!

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