What if that quantum box I’m always on about is just an illusion?

579475_3094287614035_746080109_nA great amount of dis-info…

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

11:08 AM

Sometimes its not really about what is being said, but about how we take that piece of information into our ‘world-view’ and how we integrate it. I personally have a ‘holding file’ area in my psyche that has a LOT of info in it.

I had an experience with a close, dear friend yesterday that was unnerving. He plays video games and is much younger than me, but a brilliant man. He also knows I’m odd and the ‘go to’ person about odd stuff. I had been reading David’s Last blog entry where he talked about the ‘Zombie’ plan… I had also been wrestling with the idea of energetic implants.  Both of those were just a little too incredible for me when I read them. So they were in the holding file.

Yesterday I get a text from this man asking me to please take this question seriously : “What would it mean in a dream if I am bleeding out of every hole in my head, like gushing blood, gasping for air?” I took a deep breath and said a mental “Holy Shit!!!”  and began to ask him several questions.

“This is a serious question also, and it will sound dumb, but please answer it. Have you been playing any Zombie games either on your phone or game system?”  I txted back.

“I have been playing one recently on my computer.” he said

“Do you want a down the rabbit hole answer, or a stuff and fluff answer? And is your computer in the same room you sleep in?” I asked

“No, computer is not where I sleep and I’ll take any answer because I don’t remember my dreams often, and when I do I’m not as freaked out as this one has made me.”

I proceeded to tell him about energetic implants put on carrier waves from media and games and the David Wilcock information on Zombies, the sub-conscious mind being used to ‘inform’ the sheep about stuff that is going to happen and the ‘target’ groups they try and use. BUT HERE IS THE POINT…. that was straight out proof of shit I really DIDN”T want to know, but now, after a direct experience of it, am rather convinced of and now will have to deal with.

SOMETIMES PROOF CAN NOT BE GIVEN, BUT IT HAPPENS TO YOU FROM YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!      Keep your mind open and your options wide!

So really, is the ‘incredible’ info in DW’s and Corey Goode’s blog real or not? I am inclined at this point to widen my scope.

For weeks I’ve been perusing :

David Wilcock: http://divinecosmos.com/

Stillness in the Storm: http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/

Corey Goode’s site: http://spherebeingalliance.com/

Kauilapele: https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/

Dr. Salla’s site: http://exopolitics.org/

Benjamin Fulford’s site: http://benjaminfulford.net/ and if you want to know about this guy, Kerry Cassidy has 3 interviews from 2008 that shed an enormous amount of light on who he is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKl3mZG6KzM


What finally started my AH HA moment were these 2 videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mIOvAf0lxM

Scott Lemriel, author of The Seres Agenda is interviewed on ExoNews TV. Scott’s extraterrestrial contact experiences are fascinating. He claims to have vital information to share about different kinds of extraterrestrial civilizations interacting with humanity, and their respective roles in improving or manipulating life on our planet. The important take-away from those videos for me was this:

HU (hue)

Said four to six times on the out breath.

Then say(to yourself)

Safely show me purposely hidden truths on a grand cosmic multi-dimensional scale and the much greater knowing of the expansive love within it.

Then say HU again and simply wait… well, my life being what it is, I had to jump up and attend to someone, however, later on that day, the idea came to me “What if…. I was free?” In that moment it meant that this process was all over and the earth was better and we knew all about everything. (that has morphed since too) And The free part also meant discharged from whatever job I had, or the weight I’d been carrying.

For about two seconds I felt it. And then I didn’t know what to do with it. After running through a whole bunch of scripty things, I realized what I needed and wanted was to release all that I have carried all my life and rest, to be able to re-connect to me – my soul – so I could actually answer the ‘free’ question. Then I realized I have been living with a script that has said to me: TRY HARDER.

There are three major paradigms that I have known that I was consciously trying to dismantle in my life. The OLD one that says you are only what you perceive with concrete senses; you shall go this far but no further, and the NEW one that is GIGO, garbage in: garbage out. (‘they’ feed us garbage and we spit out… harmless distracting garbage)

The TRY HARDER paradigm is the worst of them, because it is the one that applies ancient ascension principles to new age GIGO that tells you “Maybe next life time you will achieve enough grace to understand and apply these principles” It makes me mad and frustrated and then that isn’t enlightened so I’m not enlightened….and around and around I go.

So….. After some ‘Oh f*ck it’ moments and a lot of ignoring the whole thing, it occurs to me (DUH!) that maybe, just possibly, there shouldn’t be any try harder bullshit. Maybe it’s about recognizing you are already there. You can be in the midst of a most beautiful paradise, but if you can’t understand that, you don’t KNOW it. Sometimes things must happen in steps and layers so that you ‘know’ them from yourself outward, instead of bursting into the ultimate degree all at once and getting lost.

Since 2000 when I moved to Indy, I have not been able to ‘ground’ myself. And by that I mean reach with my awareness deep into the soil and bring up some really stabilizing mother-earth energy. Fast forward 14 years to a woman who was getting rid of a bike, who is more ‘practiced’ than me, and way younger, who says to me in a conversation about energy and grounding, “Well you know, there are drainage tiles all over this area because it was very swampy…” TAH-DAH! I tried it. I went around the barrier I had perceived in the ground, and voila! There was all that energy!

Just this morning it occurred to me ( slow, ain’t I???) that if it worked into the earth, maybe it would work the other direction. Since my twenties, my soul looked like an angel to me, when I drew it, the wings sprouting out of my heart chakra and, well, I sorta looked like my alter ego, Glenda the good witch from Wizard of Oz. It was always ‘visible’ to me in my mind’s eye. Since 2000, that had become difficult to see too. So it dawned on me … hmmmm, I wonder if there is a ‘barrier’ there too? So (of course this happened while I was driving in the car so I only had seconds to look) I peeked. Lo and behold, there it was!!! BINGO! The barrier is just a smoke screen of energy, tenuous at best. And that is why, probably, yesterday I kept hearing in my mind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-r679Hhs9Zs The doors – Break On Through ( To The Other Side ) . I get it! Since 2000 there has been an interference of some sort running, it’s fake, it’s a ploy, but it looks bad and it’s not, it’s a smoke screen that once you know it is there, is nothing at all.

Then, still driving, I pass a little play house. I have always tinkered with a idea since I was a kid about being in a coma somewhere and living this life in a dream state. (way before the Matrix) This time the idea occurred differently. Life was a stage… but, the prop people (the ones who set up the stage with all the things that make it look real, like tables and chairs and lamps, etc.) were all dressed in black leotards and they wore a hooded mask with material over the face that they could see through, but concealed all their features, even the shape of them. In a play we all consensually ignore these people, because we know that they are NOT the play as they run around and change stuff on the stage, sometime right while dialogue and action are happening. WE JUST IGNOR THEM…. HOWEVER, THEY ARE CREATING THE REALITY OF THE ENTIRE PLAY!!! Hello Alison! Freaky metaphor…. One that needs inner cooking, but a huge ‘reveal’ about that damned quantum box!!

The point of all this? Nothing, not even all the research, was making sense to me, it was all bogging me down until I asked for help using the HU breath and the statement above. So, I’m giving it to you. Use it. See what you think. Frankly, I’m amazed.

The Forgiveness Flow Chart: one method of getting stuff outta your hair (another ninja skill)

There is so much confusion today about forgiveness. Many people see it as a very de-powering, wimpy thing to do that only puts you back in the clutches of those who have wounded you. NOTHING could be further from the truth! Forgiveness is NOT, regardless of what you have heard a mystical act. The results can be, but Forgiveness is a concerted act of WILL. It is a process, a path to internal freedom, because as long as you are still upset about something, you are giving your energy, your essence, your power that you need to run your life to that something else!


A teacher of mine once explained it like this: 90% percent of people give away 60% of their power to another time, person or event before they even set one foot out of bed in the morning! It’s a free will universe and if you want to send your energy that you need use to run your life and your body anywhere, you can, but that’s just 40% less to live on, on a daily basis. In today’s world, we need allllll of our operating system present and up and running!


So here is a ninja chart about the act of WILL called Forgiveness. This is just my take on it, you may find your own way, but it needs to be DE-MYSTIFIED! So here goes, in everyday people words.






You have your Event:

Whatever it was, wasn’t pretty. #suddenly

Emotional Response:

You are overloaded, and that doesn’t feel good. The first thing to do is give your self permission to feel the feeling, without acting out on it. You are going to acknowledge how you feel and realize that you are justified. Because FEELINGS ARE. You can’t unfeel something. The gift this gives you is the right to feel them. Personal Validation of “Hey, that hurt!”

Shoes Response:

This is where you metaphorically put yourself in the other guy’s shoes for a moment and IMAGINE where they are coming from. It is a mind experiment. It opens up your viewpoint and allows you to see/speculate on the event from another perspective and get a wider viewpoint. The gift this gives you is some empathy practice WITHOUT devaluing your emotional experience of the event.


When an artist needs a new perspective on an old painting, they usually put it in a new ‘frame’ of reference… When you have two valid viewpoints with which to look at something you have a way to ask questions about what happened. You can see that maybe this extra information will let you know something about yourself you never realized before. This gift in this is the lesson about you, and how it widens the choices available in your actions the next time, or shows you that you are more than you thought you were.

Soul Lesson:

These soul lessons are about the bigger repeating (sometimes) patterns in your life. Have you ever asked yourself “Why does this always happen to me this way?” That’s a soul lesson knocking on the door to your recognition saying, “Let me in or I’m gonna kick your butt again!!!!” Usually if an event is big enough to need to be forgiven, it’s a major lesson, and it will repeat till you get why it is in your life for you and only you, so in your reframe you will realize the jist of that lesson and remember… When you do that well enough, karma which is simply your teacher graduates you on to other things.  So this is Ninja Skill #2.


Hope it helps. I’ve been practicing all my life and there is still MUCH to be learned. But I’ve managed pretty well, and I kind of like the person I’ve become and so I am grateful to Karma for all of its lessons. Well, sorta…..iregret nothing

Practicing Ninja Skills

energy follows zukovSo, from most of the reading I have been doing while recovering from a pretty savage flu, it seems that one of the very most important things that we need to do or learn is to improve our emotional tone and flow. It sounds like it is going to be pretty important to us in the future at the big wake-up.

Energy Follows Thought:   Emotionally empowered thought creates absolutely and almost immediately in your environment.

I wanted to write about some emotional Ninja skills I’ve picked up just from playing around with a few ideas in my life over the years. Realize that every emotionally toned thought you send out comes back to you, magnified for your learning purposes. That means aggravation begets aggravation, snipes beget snipes. Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Are you putting out those feelings to any and all who get within ten feet of you? Was your day one of those that went from bad to worse? Feelings are fine,  what you do with them is more important. The first step to de-constructing what looks like a bad day ahead, is to get in touch with your feelings and say, “Ok, I feel (insert emotion) but I refuse to visit it on everybody else, so I will choose to work this out later when I can, and temper all my reactions and responses today, knowing I want to wring anybody’s neck I can get a hold of.” In the same manner, understanding begets understanding, and empathy begets empathy and so on for love, joy, happiness….

A good way to practice this principle and have some fun doing it is observing your Car Karma….

A common place that we all feel frustration and sometimes rage is in the car. Once again, feelings are inevitable, it’s what you do with them that counts. So the game goes like this: Turn on an energy ball of peace around your car, one that extends out about 4 feet in every direction to the exterior of the car. Then, monitor your thoughts about the drivers around you. Instead of driving down the road as a blistering ball of fury, can you create a ball of energetic flow (peace) around your car while observing the efficiency of this effect by getting to your destination earlier? Trust me this works. It also helps prevent accidents. The energetic ball of flow tends to wake you up, and you avoid a lot of minor irritants that way. I got this idea one day while driving down the street and getting blasted by a nasty wave of rage from a driver going the opposite way. My kids were young and I was being safe and I put white light around the car often. Then it occurred to me that I could protect myself from unwanted incursions of others messy emotions AND slip through the traffic flow easier, if I just put that thought around my car. WOOT! It worked wonders.

Manifesting as proof that your thoughts can and do have an effect on your immediate life.

Another fun way to play with this concept is to image in your head the parking spot you want at your destination and getting it. This is simple proof that your thoughts are things that effect your life instantaneously. It works scary good and it only involves yourself and your thought and the desire (emotion) for a good parking spot. (I know that this is an old game, but practicing it actually creates a skill level…)

Create your own games.

Treat energy as a concrete thing, power your thought with emotion and watch what happens. When I first discovered this game I used to lob white light at everybody and every thing just to watch the results. Then I began the deeper game of adding and modifying my emotions in the mix. I learned quite a lot at that point.

Platitudes and memes.

buddhaThese are all thought bites, Zen smacks, to bump you out of your non-awareness. They might work for thirty seconds or so… What will really teach the HOW and WHY this works is by actively playing with it and watching the results. Play is fun and it is the easiest way to learn. It makes you a stealth-ninja-energy-follows-thought-impelled-by-emotion expert. 🙂 so go PLAY!

Revenge is a Dish best served Cold – Klingon Proverb

glinda's coffeeYou know, when I was little I used to get really mad, and my mother always told me, “Alison, you do not know why a person is the way they are until you walk in their shoes.” Wise advice and I took it to heart. So my question is; in all the falderal, in all that is going on in these high meetings deciding the fate of the planet and the bad guys in the story and such:

What happens to the ‘little guy”?

To the aging and the elderly, to the ones living on the very edge of providing for their beloveds? What happens to the intelligent aware species that are living side by side with us and have endured centuries of silence from us? The elephants, the cetaceans, the ones that are capable of love and indeed show it? What happens to the people who are on Medicaid, the ones that live paycheck to paycheck, when the system fails, what happens to the ones that will fall between the cracks of society? What happens to them? When the financial system comes down and the cascade effect of default happens and nobody has a way to pay for or protect their very own sanctity of life as they know it? When food and gas and jobs fail because there is no way to extend payments, no way to collect salaries? What about the elderly and the sick that depend on payments from the ‘system’ to survive? The 90percent of the population?

These people and beings can’t get lost, the ones who will fall between the cracks. They are innocent and they are subsisting, hanging on, just barely. Who protects them and how? They cannot get lost in the big shuffle, the rearrangement of society on the earth. WHO will care for these??? They are the innocent. They need to be noticed!

So this is my issue, my concern, my plea. Everything cannot be solved from a 4D perspective!!!! We ARE in 3D!!! Issues must be addressed from a 3D perspective. For the people who are still very 3D. We must work with what is NOW.

If any of the silly predictions for this fall happen, if JH15 is a real take-over, if that asteroid hits, if the nuke goes off over Chicago, if there is an EMP over Texas, if…if…if. Sound like fear porn to you? Does to me. But is does bring up the very real question of protecting the indigenous population on this planet. The ones who really have no clue, caught up totally on the Babylonian money magic Ponzi scheme, (BMMPS:….bumps???) the ones who’s intelligences we are incapable of noticing, and the ones who have willingly taken this journey with us, bless their souls.

There are those of us who when this all comes out, when the truth embargo comes down and we all know it all, will want revenge. The millennia of Eye-for-an-eye justice ended when Christ came in and made his big ta-doo about forgiveness. That was our clue….ahem… 2000+ years later we are still struggling with the concept. (Jus’ say’in) How do you calm a fevered heart? How do you convince people to let it go and face forward? Education maybe? Many healing hands maybe? Something to help their plight, maybe?

Funny how, when a perp is caught in particularly heinous crime, say rape, and justice is served, the survivor is still left with the damage control of their own life. Some times that works, and sometimes it doesn’t. So if what is supposedly coming down the pipeline is real, then we are in for a very difficult intricate tricky time of healing ahead of us. Even after it is all revealed, it’s going to take a planet wide effort of heart and spirit to heal this place and us.


So what do we do?

How do we handle it?

How do we create what our hearts and minds have so dearly yearned for?




Bells and Whistles…

ascension-embodimentWednesday, June 10, 2015

11:50 AM

Bells and Whistles

I have wondered all my life how to become enlightened, how to be better and more than I was born. I’ve studied many things and teachers and people.guru I am tired of being told that it cannot be accomplished in one life time without arduous study, practice and pain – and without giving up your free will to be who you are. I have come to the conclusion that much of all that information is not wrong, but meant to delay what would come easily, were not all the bullshit in the way.

I once studied with a woman who said “It’s not about what you have, whether you talk to crystals or wear Birkenstocks or chant mantras, or what you eat,Caroline_Mysscrp you could eat dog food and get enlightened!”  (Myss) I came to realize that she is right. The bells-and-whistles are fun, but not necessary. In most instances, they get in the way. They are symbols of an idea that we are trying to accommodate in our hearts and minds and that is all.

3D Enlightenment

To me, enlightenment is about using your free will, mind and heart to live as charitably and kindhearted on a day to day basis that you can. It is a WAY of doing, not a destination. It is the mind that seeks to know and act out the principle of universal understanding that knows no barrier. It is the heart that knows all feelings are innate and honored. It is a sensibility that can stand back and observe and understand in times of stress the whys and wherefores of behaviors without judgment and character assassination of themselves or others.abovebelow It is a willingness to be IN life and honestly be willing to transform, moment to moment, to flow, without stricture, and be constantly looking for the bigger picture. It is an honest attempt to be engaged in life and moment to moment choosing to use your higher perception, choosing to use charity and flow. When we stop an internal movement, thought, judgment, emotion, it gets stuck in our biology. When we do not pull back to a larger perspective and examine why it got stuck and what that might mean to us we cease to flow. This creates distortion in our biological system and ultimately illness. This planet, this 3D space we’re all consensually living in together is about experience, and what that can teach us. That same teacher also used to say: Your biography becomes your biology

Enlightenment, full-of-light, is understanding – standing under….  

understand3D life is about standing under the higher aspects and embodying them in our physicality. To do this is the great design. How far down into density can you, are you, able to embody light? The more you can open to your greater-upper-spiritual self and allow its decent into your 3D everyday life, the ‘lighter’ you become, whether you are dressed in Birkenstocks or sitting on the corner eating dog food…. It doesn’t matter. It is your ability to feel compassion for all around you, and discount nothing, to know that all is an integral piece of enlightenment – that every time we understand and shed ‘light’ on a thing in our being we become brighter and lighter, that is enlightenment and ascension all rolled up into one.

It is ultimately about what all us of are capable of choosing, and then about what you choose to do with that choice.

As Above, So Below: for Sue

As above,       So below.

If you were to look at the old chakra system with new quantum electric universe eyes, what would you see?md15 A Birkeland current with eight (maybe more) nodes on it.pearls




Birkeland currents always have a counter rotational coherence due to the interaction of a negative and a positive sheet of electrons.2current At a Zpinch, or magnetic bottle neck, current density produces excited neutral atoms. These collect, or accrete in a disk. Literally producing matter.

Our electric nature is what produces the matter we are made of. The Zpinches of our system are our chakras. kundalini2There are also, at every joint in the body, sub-chakras accreting matter. Multiple pinches in a current look like a strand of pearls.

Hubble Space Telescope provided a detailed look at the comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 before it smashed into Jupiter.
Hubble Space Telescope provided a detailed look at the comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 before it smashed into Jupiter.







These all have specific frequencies and will derive geometric shapes due to their vibratory rate.cymatics How well these ZP areas communicate with each other, allow the innate intelligence of the body, the electric current to flow, is predicated on their geometric alignment.


The chakras are a stable configuration of objects in a line created from the excited neutral atoms given off by the accretion disk of each Zpinch in a Birkeland current.  And so is this photo of a string of stars. pearlsBirkeland currents have three modes: dark / glow / arc. We are in dark mode. One of the ways ascension could be looked at is that as the current density increases (the vibratory rate) in our ZP areas (chakras) it will begin to go into glow mode and thus the body of light is created.


Maybe some of the abilities that are supposedly to go along with ascension will be due to current density through our internal ZP areas of the body. braintobrainRecognition of other intelligences occurs in frequency harmonics:

We recognize ‘other’ intelligences in a harmonic with our own frequency.

The closer the harmonic, the better the communication or recognition. Modulating your own frequency allows for a wider range of perception and communication.

So, if matter accretes in Birkeland current type electric interactions and all matter is intelligent; Then, any and all Birkeland current interactions are intelligence capable.


As above,

So below.


It’s why stars and planets are intelligences and they are chakras in the bodies of larger intelligences and on and on…


This article was written in honor of Dr. Sue Brown who became light yesterday morning. She shall be sorely missed.


How Good is your Imagination?

imagineThis is kind of the basis for all of the things I say about having our own portal right inside our heads.  In actuality, your imagination IS your realization, IS your portal, IS your intuition, IS your creative link with the entire universe and everything/where/body in it. It really IS just that simple.  What is hard is actually believing it.

In truth, there really are no barriers, energetic, spiritual, karmic or ‘other’ of any kind except what we have unwittingly or willingly agreed to. And those come down instantaneously when we say they will. The really scary part is realizing that all that responsibility for what is happening is all yours. But, because this is a free will conscious experiment, we can choose the steps we take, how many and how big, we can even jump around in the steps. If we DECIDE to. There are no limits and there are no boundaries.

When you step off that cliff, the universe will either catch you or give you wings. Your choice. Fly beyond your wildest dreams, to edges of everything and back….


Just how good is your imagination?