How Good is your Imagination?

imagineThis is kind of the basis for all of the things I say about having our own portal right inside our heads.  In actuality, your imagination IS your realization, IS your portal, IS your intuition, IS your creative link with the entire universe and everything/where/body in it. It really IS just that simple.  What is hard is actually believing it.

In truth, there really are no barriers, energetic, spiritual, karmic or ‘other’ of any kind except what we have unwittingly or willingly agreed to. And those come down instantaneously when we say they will. The really scary part is realizing that all that responsibility for what is happening is all yours. But, because this is a free will conscious experiment, we can choose the steps we take, how many and how big, we can even jump around in the steps. If we DECIDE to. There are no limits and there are no boundaries.

When you step off that cliff, the universe will either catch you or give you wings. Your choice. Fly beyond your wildest dreams, to edges of everything and back….


Just how good is your imagination?


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