As Above, So Below: for Sue

As above,       So below.

If you were to look at the old chakra system with new quantum electric universe eyes, what would you see?md15 A Birkeland current with eight (maybe more) nodes on it.pearls




Birkeland currents always have a counter rotational coherence due to the interaction of a negative and a positive sheet of electrons.2current At a Zpinch, or magnetic bottle neck, current density produces excited neutral atoms. These collect, or accrete in a disk. Literally producing matter.

Our electric nature is what produces the matter we are made of. The Zpinches of our system are our chakras. kundalini2There are also, at every joint in the body, sub-chakras accreting matter. Multiple pinches in a current look like a strand of pearls.

Hubble Space Telescope provided a detailed look at the comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 before it smashed into Jupiter.
Hubble Space Telescope provided a detailed look at the comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 before it smashed into Jupiter.







These all have specific frequencies and will derive geometric shapes due to their vibratory rate.cymatics How well these ZP areas communicate with each other, allow the innate intelligence of the body, the electric current to flow, is predicated on their geometric alignment.


The chakras are a stable configuration of objects in a line created from the excited neutral atoms given off by the accretion disk of each Zpinch in a Birkeland current.  And so is this photo of a string of stars. pearlsBirkeland currents have three modes: dark / glow / arc. We are in dark mode. One of the ways ascension could be looked at is that as the current density increases (the vibratory rate) in our ZP areas (chakras) it will begin to go into glow mode and thus the body of light is created.


Maybe some of the abilities that are supposedly to go along with ascension will be due to current density through our internal ZP areas of the body. braintobrainRecognition of other intelligences occurs in frequency harmonics:

We recognize ‘other’ intelligences in a harmonic with our own frequency.

The closer the harmonic, the better the communication or recognition. Modulating your own frequency allows for a wider range of perception and communication.

So, if matter accretes in Birkeland current type electric interactions and all matter is intelligent; Then, any and all Birkeland current interactions are intelligence capable.


As above,

So below.


It’s why stars and planets are intelligences and they are chakras in the bodies of larger intelligences and on and on…


This article was written in honor of Dr. Sue Brown who became light yesterday morning. She shall be sorely missed.


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