Bells and Whistles…

ascension-embodimentWednesday, June 10, 2015

11:50 AM

Bells and Whistles

I have wondered all my life how to become enlightened, how to be better and more than I was born. I’ve studied many things and teachers and I am tired of being told that it cannot be accomplished in one life time without arduous study, practice and pain – and without giving up your free will to be who you are. I have come to the conclusion that much of all that information is not wrong, but meant to delay what would come easily, were not all the bullshit in the way.

I once studied with a woman who said “It’s not about what you have, whether you talk to crystals or wear Birkenstocks or chant mantras, or what you eat,Caroline_Mysscrp you could eat dog food and get enlightened!”  (Myss) I came to realize that she is right. The bells-and-whistles are fun, but not necessary. In most instances, they get in the way. They are symbols of an idea that we are trying to accommodate in our hearts and minds and that is all.

3D Enlightenment

To me, enlightenment is about using your free will, mind and heart to live as charitably and kindhearted on a day to day basis that you can. It is a WAY of doing, not a destination. It is the mind that seeks to know and act out the principle of universal understanding that knows no barrier. It is the heart that knows all feelings are innate and honored. It is a sensibility that can stand back and observe and understand in times of stress the whys and wherefores of behaviors without judgment and character assassination of themselves or others.abovebelow It is a willingness to be IN life and honestly be willing to transform, moment to moment, to flow, without stricture, and be constantly looking for the bigger picture. It is an honest attempt to be engaged in life and moment to moment choosing to use your higher perception, choosing to use charity and flow. When we stop an internal movement, thought, judgment, emotion, it gets stuck in our biology. When we do not pull back to a larger perspective and examine why it got stuck and what that might mean to us we cease to flow. This creates distortion in our biological system and ultimately illness. This planet, this 3D space we’re all consensually living in together is about experience, and what that can teach us. That same teacher also used to say: Your biography becomes your biology

Enlightenment, full-of-light, is understanding – standing under….  

understand3D life is about standing under the higher aspects and embodying them in our physicality. To do this is the great design. How far down into density can you, are you, able to embody light? The more you can open to your greater-upper-spiritual self and allow its decent into your 3D everyday life, the ‘lighter’ you become, whether you are dressed in Birkenstocks or sitting on the corner eating dog food…. It doesn’t matter. It is your ability to feel compassion for all around you, and discount nothing, to know that all is an integral piece of enlightenment – that every time we understand and shed ‘light’ on a thing in our being we become brighter and lighter, that is enlightenment and ascension all rolled up into one.

It is ultimately about what all us of are capable of choosing, and then about what you choose to do with that choice.

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