Revenge is a Dish best served Cold – Klingon Proverb

glinda's coffeeYou know, when I was little I used to get really mad, and my mother always told me, “Alison, you do not know why a person is the way they are until you walk in their shoes.” Wise advice and I took it to heart. So my question is; in all the falderal, in all that is going on in these high meetings deciding the fate of the planet and the bad guys in the story and such:

What happens to the ‘little guy”?

To the aging and the elderly, to the ones living on the very edge of providing for their beloveds? What happens to the intelligent aware species that are living side by side with us and have endured centuries of silence from us? The elephants, the cetaceans, the ones that are capable of love and indeed show it? What happens to the people who are on Medicaid, the ones that live paycheck to paycheck, when the system fails, what happens to the ones that will fall between the cracks of society? What happens to them? When the financial system comes down and the cascade effect of default happens and nobody has a way to pay for or protect their very own sanctity of life as they know it? When food and gas and jobs fail because there is no way to extend payments, no way to collect salaries? What about the elderly and the sick that depend on payments from the ‘system’ to survive? The 90percent of the population?

These people and beings can’t get lost, the ones who will fall between the cracks. They are innocent and they are subsisting, hanging on, just barely. Who protects them and how? They cannot get lost in the big shuffle, the rearrangement of society on the earth. WHO will care for these??? They are the innocent. They need to be noticed!

So this is my issue, my concern, my plea. Everything cannot be solved from a 4D perspective!!!! We ARE in 3D!!! Issues must be addressed from a 3D perspective. For the people who are still very 3D. We must work with what is NOW.

If any of the silly predictions for this fall happen, if JH15 is a real take-over, if that asteroid hits, if the nuke goes off over Chicago, if there is an EMP over Texas, if…if…if. Sound like fear porn to you? Does to me. But is does bring up the very real question of protecting the indigenous population on this planet. The ones who really have no clue, caught up totally on the Babylonian money magic Ponzi scheme, (BMMPS:….bumps???) the ones who’s intelligences we are incapable of noticing, and the ones who have willingly taken this journey with us, bless their souls.

There are those of us who when this all comes out, when the truth embargo comes down and we all know it all, will want revenge. The millennia of Eye-for-an-eye justice ended when Christ came in and made his big ta-doo about forgiveness. That was our clue….ahem… 2000+ years later we are still struggling with the concept. (Jus’ say’in) How do you calm a fevered heart? How do you convince people to let it go and face forward? Education maybe? Many healing hands maybe? Something to help their plight, maybe?

Funny how, when a perp is caught in particularly heinous crime, say rape, and justice is served, the survivor is still left with the damage control of their own life. Some times that works, and sometimes it doesn’t. So if what is supposedly coming down the pipeline is real, then we are in for a very difficult intricate tricky time of healing ahead of us. Even after it is all revealed, it’s going to take a planet wide effort of heart and spirit to heal this place and us.


So what do we do?

How do we handle it?

How do we create what our hearts and minds have so dearly yearned for?




One thought on “Revenge is a Dish best served Cold – Klingon Proverb”

  1. I like your use of the proper use of English words. Bravo, I mean it. But I’m also drunk.
    I’ve read 6-9 blog posts and have enjoyed them all.
    I will probably read a few more and that’ll be the end of this, mostly cuz I will have forgotten how to get back here.
    Please continue writing awesome.


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